What is the alkane series?


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    An alkane is an organic compound that has saturated Carbons, meaning each carbon has four substituents and no double or triple bonds. All of the carbons are sp3 hybridized. It follows the basic formula (CnH2n+2), but it can have other things attached to the Carbons besides Hydrogen.

    A few examples are:

    CH4 - methane

    C2H6 - ethane

    C3H8 - propane

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    The name ending for all alkanes is 'ANE'. The first part of the name depends on the # of carbon atoms present.

    The prefixes:

    1 - meth, 2- eth, 3- prop, 4-but, 5-pent, 6-hex, 7-hept, 8-oct, 9-non

    10-dec.......and so on.....

    So the name for an alkane that conatins 4 carbon atoms with the general formula (CnH2n+2) would be BUTENE (C4H10)

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    They belong to the homologous series, they are hydrocarbons.

    the functional group is C-C(with H surrounding itSo here there will be 6 H's) Calculated by CnH2n+2 .n stand s for ne number

    for eg C2H2*2+2= C2H6 ---this is called ethane.

    Hope this helps

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