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Like me, are you unable to show or give affection?

Does that mean you will live a lonely life? I have been commented on my inability to express my feelings or to even give hints as to what I am thinking. What bad can come of this?

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    That doesn't mean that you will live a lonely life. Is not about you, it will be about you and whoever gets close to you. someone, someday will approach to you and help you to discover what you already know but can't "unlock" now, that expressing your feelings is so simple, all it takes is being with that someone who is so special for you.

    Avoid speaking that way, it's not healthy to add those "tags" to yourself, because you just might end believing that words.

    Take it easy (as I did), no rush needed, and once in a while be daring, no matter what results you get, just dare to express yourself.

    i know you'll find the right path.

    Good luck !!

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    There are people that are very shallow when it comes to showing affection. They don't cry at funerals, they won't laugh at weddings, they don't like little kids around them, they don't laugh at jokes.

    These people are very hard to get along with, it's not a sign of being strong or stubborn, I think in fact it's a weakness. The inability is in fact the inability to love, I feel sorry for these people.

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    You might possibly enjoy what can happen if you can break that wall hurts to do it, but it's much more satisfactory to feel and cry and even yes, hurt, than to keep it inside. Turned off. You are not a robot with an on/off switch. You are human. It is acceptable to cry, laugh, love and be loved.

    You've blocked yourself off for a reason, i'm sure. Maybe you grew up that way, or something happened. I understand, I went thru several years of this in my teens.

    I'm sure you can find someone to help you, since you won't be able to do it on your own. You need to reach out to someone. It'll take some patience and it's not easy. Good luck to you!

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    unless u meet someone who will love u unconditionally u will suffer for it. someone has hurt you terribbly in your past, someone has let u down. u have a hard time trusting, or investing in love, your afraid of the outcome, u have no confidence, so u think if you hide your emotions, that it will atleast keep you safe from hurt. when u meet the right person u will change, as soon as u begin to trust, and realiaze all people aren't the same.

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    Yep, Can't show emotions either. Guess i've had a hard life. Learned alot though.

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    yeah i'm like that too. it just feels a little weird to be affectionate to people because i dunno i just don't do it.

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