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I need a Christmas Poem for a christmas card?

It's for a project! please help me! i really need a good one!

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    this christmas day i thought of you.. and how all of the good you do. you came to earth so humble and sweet with no where on this earth for you to sleep but what better day for you to come for we all longed for god's only begotton son. how special was your birth the whole world through even the wise men searched for you ,with gift's so special to welcome you and animal's around you in suspense waiting for the birth of their prince. we rejoice this day for it is your birthday and thank you so much for your mercy and grace happy birthday jesus christ

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    Christmas Isn't Easy Far Apart

    Christmas isn't easy far apart.

    Holidays are an incessant bell

    Ringing through the hollows of the heart,

    Invading passages I know too well.

    So does Christmas trespass on my sadness,

    Taking precious room I save for you.

    Missing you is a reclusive madness,

    Altering each harmony and hue,

    Shadowing each shade I vacant view.

    Author: Unknown

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    May the Spirit of the Lord

    Gently Fill-

    Your Heart and your Home

    With Love & Good Cheer.

  • 4 years ago

    sure might this wintry weather poem placed a grin for your face? Winter days are bloodless and blue normally I consider bloodless too the bushes are as white as a polar endure I wish the bloodless does no longer get to my hair I rush to my apartment to get hot clear of the bloodless typhoon normally I want that I can play within the snow however normally it comes out "no!" I marvel why the arena is like this however possibly it is like a primary kiss.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    May the angels watch over you and guide your way at christmas time and always

  • CJ
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    1 decade ago

    Money is tight, the times are hard, here's you flipping Christmas card...

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    give me some holly

    and mistletoe,

    love and kindness

    ill always show.

    because christmas is here

    and maybe some snow.

    dont forget angels

    and people you know.


    pretty corny but it might help with ideas

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    You've been bad

    So here's the scoop.

    All you get is

    Snowman poop.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hi pola

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