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How long could an astronaut survive without a compressed space suit during a space walk?

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    In actual space he might make it 30 seconds with lots of pain. His blood would boil and the body gases would escape. Not a good way to go.

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    Not long. A couple of seconds, tops.

    Because space is a vacuum (with stuff in it, like planets, stars, unfortunate people ...) the difference in pressure between your body and space is so great that your blood would boil, and all the liquids in your body would get either sucked out or turned into gas, probably both. The air would definately get sucked out of your lungs. Without blood, oxygen, or bodily fluids, you die. You would have SEVERE dehydration and no oxygen would be going to your brain or heart.

    I'm guessing immediate heart attack because of the loss of blood, too.

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    Not long. The place where I used to work had a bell jar and a vacuum pump. Someone caught a mouse, put it inside the bell jar and drew a vacuum on the mouse. The mouse was dead before the absolute pressure in the bell jar got below 10 inches of mercury. Well, technically, I suppose the mouse might have just passed out, but when they took him out, he was sure dead.

    Sounds pretty cruel, but the building maintenance people had traps set occasionally and I don't guess that was much worse than the mouse getting caught in one of those.

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    I work at Space Center Houston in the Education Department and we always tell the children that within 15 seconds, you ear drums will pop, your blood will bubble your lungs will have all the air sucked out of them and you will become unconscious.

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    Without any pressure on the astronauts body, all the blood vessels on the surface of the skin would rupture, the eyes would pop out, the eardrums would rupture and you would pee yourself. You would be dead within seconds and make a pretty big mess to boot.

    Don't try it

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    My guess is one to five seconds, no more. In a situation of no atmosphere, the human body would expand and explode outward. The human body is accustomed to a pressure of 14 pounds per square inch in Earth's atmosphere. No matter what you tried to do, you would be unable to inhale.

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    Not will be a matter of seconds but being freezed, decompressed,....Wooow what a death !

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    less than 1 second. there is no gravity and a very bad environment to breath.

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    not long at all, the force, and lack of air would kill you.

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    that dude is right! 30 seconds you could die!!!!={

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