FF week 15 Cotchery, Colston, Stallworth, Booker?

Need 2 WR's:

Cotchery, NYJ@ Min

Stallworth, Phi@NYG

Henderson, NO v. Was.

Booker, Mia @ Buf.

Note: I could start 3 WR's. My RB is L. Betts, and I am using Sammy Morris as a flex player because of his favorable matchup. Should I use Morris, or go with one a 3rd receiver, and if so, which one? Thanks in advance.

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    I would definitely start Booker and Cotchery. Those guys have good situations and have been solid lately. Plus the Jets will have to pass against a solid run D in MIN. As for the RB/WR slot, I would say Morris. Although I think Stallworth or Henderson may be a good start there too. They both have similar potential. If I had to choose between those two, it would be Henderson just because Drew Brees is a monster. Hope that helps.

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    haha yeahhh

    i have betts too.

    booker is a must start. he's been on FIAH these last few weeks. joey harrington must have a crush on him or seomthign. hes on my team too. and plus he has an easy matchup.

    i would start stallworth next. just because garcia loves him and hes a good player in general. the giants arent a great matchup, but he should be the main target of garcia.

    henderson is against a weak washington secondary, but i think its a little more dangerious cuz if colston is back in teh game, he could take away some receptions.

    cotchery is against the infamous min defense. however, pennington is somewhat inconsistance. and even the minnesota defesnse stopped rex grossman. (remember the 1.3 passer rating?)

    so in conclusion

    booker is a must start

    cotchery is a msut sit

    if you're feeling liek you want to take a gamble, go with henderson.

    for a more consistant player, go with stall worth.

    actualyl now i kinda like henderson more =P

    yeah just go with your gut wiht that one.

    and your flex player should be the other one. sammy morris wont cut it hehe

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    Id go with Henderson and and Stallworth at least to start and if you had to pick a third add Booker.

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