Has the NFL postponed or delayed for inclement weather?

I can't find an answer on the web, and it is nasty outside here in Seattle. My husband and his friend are headed down to the game, and there is a terrible storm going on right now with lightening and horrible winds. What would it take to delay or even cancel a game? And have they ever done it before?


Wow. It's going to be hard to choose the best answer because many of you wrote the same thing. Thank you for your quick answer, and we did end up playing and losing miserably.

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    I think they did a couple of years ago on a Monday Night game. There was a bad lightning storm and they had to delay the game a few hours, but I don't think they've ever cancelled a game because of weather. Postpong would be impractical the way the schedule is set up. It's not like they can make up games like baseball.

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    I would say that it would take something really bad for the NFL to delay or postpone a game. Unlike baseball, football is played in rain, wind, sleet, and snow. It takes only the most extreme weather conditions to cause a delay or cancellation of a game. Personally, I cannot remember the last time such an event has occured.

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    The only time I have seen them stop a regular season game was for really bad lightning, but generally in 15 or 30 minutes the worst of the lightning is over, so they will play the whole game.

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    severe winds, snow, or lightning can cause the NFL to postpone the game or even delay it. I remember in KC they delayed the game in the 4th quarter because there was lightning in the area and there was a tornado warning in effect.

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    NFL games will put up with wind and rain. They will delay for lightning, as that can be a matter of crowd and player safety.

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    Yes, there have been games postponed for either hurricanes or lightning storms. Otherwise, they play the game in the elements.

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    I can remember an incident when they relocated a game from san diego to Arizona because of forest fires in California

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    There was a pre-season game (w/bengals and I forgot) where they stopped it for lightning. that's all I've got.

    it was resumed tho

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