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What Understanding do you have About Black Culture and History?

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    I believe it is undervalued by both races white and black. We are taught as a country to look up to the example of Martin Luther King and others, but at some point the message stalls.

    In the white culture the message stalls because of own viewpoints with the world and what we perceive as a "cashing in" on the fame of MLK by others like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who use the image of civil rights to promote their own causes which may

    or may not represent King's legacy. Furthermore many whites feel that they are under cultural attack with things like Black History month and or class curriculums, emphasizing the role of Blacks in culture. I believe what they fear is not the inclusion of black history but the exclusion of the white contribution except in a negative context. For instance many people when the Civil rights movement is brought up do not mention the contribution (however small) of Jewish and Christian white students that walked and marched with the blacks. This in many (white) minds is an omission. Just wanted to

    give you an honest opinion.

    For a black perspective I really think the boondocks episode where MLK comes back to earth is a great example of what’s wrong and why Black culture itself has become irrelevant to many blacks. Why is it Monique has a new comedy and has big billboards all over East Point in Atlanta while Akeelah and the Bee only plays in a couple of theatres and has limited advertising (If at all) to black audiences? You can’t blame Hollywood entirely if it is giving people what they want.. Why also that people who preach to the inner city on television and in stadiums in alligator-skin boots preach a message of "abundance” and wealth when MLK said something very different in his small church in Atlanta? This in my mind is not honoring the Legacy of King, it is cashing in on it. And at the same time destroying what he sought to create.

    Lastly I think the term African-American is divisive rubbish. I'm not a Caucasian-American or European-American. I'm white. I'm a cultural mutt of five different cultures. I do not define myself as being any of those cultures but by being simply American. I'm not dismissing my culture or my heritage by saying this either. This is not everyone’s viewpoint but I just wanted to mention this. Because I believe this brings division more than uniting our different groups.

    I think that the cultural impact of black Americans is very great but I also think that We as culture Black and White have thrown much of it by the wayside and not examined


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    I know a lot of black South Africans' culture...but only know about the history of the San and the Zulus!

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