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how much do you spend on work clothes per year? and what type of job ?

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    Well, my husband spent around 600 dollars a year for work jeans, shirts steel toes (2 a year) and coveralls when he worked wireline.... but now he spends maybe 100 a year as a heavy equipment operator... because this company pays for almost everything.....

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    I am a high school teacher, and I probably spend about $500 on work clothes per year, but many of these items will be worn outside of work, also (like sweaters and jackets).

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    I spend about $200 per year on work clothes i just work for home depot and going to college......

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    1 decade ago

    i donty really spend that much

    plus i dont even go out n shop

    for clothes like everyday like some ppl

    i go uhm....every about 3-4 months....

    plus i got clothes so y more?

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