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My dad died three years ago. What can I do so that no one forgets him?

My Dad died at a young age. My son was his best friend. When he died my son was only 5yrs old. I don't want my son to forget who he was. What can I do to help him not forget?

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    My dad died four years ago and my daughter was only 6 months old. So I've got lots of pictures around and we talk about him a lot. My daughter loves it when I tell stories of when my Dad and I used to go running and I'd run faster than him or he'd slow down for me. It is easy to keep the spirit of our loved ones alive by talking about them and with stories of them it makes people think of them as that very real person who contributed a lot to our lives.

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    you at the instant are not a adverse daughter. After 3 years it is not ordinary to remember what his voice appeared like. You have been in simple terms 12 on the time of his dying. i became 17 whilst my dad handed directly to the excellent beyond, and after a whilst i could no longer remember the sound of his voice the two. it particularly is now some years later, and sometime i will't even remember what he gave the impact of till i'm getting some photos out. i think of it particularly is a fashion of time commencing as much as heal the discomfort and sorrow of the deaths. even nonetheless the discomfort will on no account thoroughly circulate away, it gets extra handy as time is going by making use of. there'll continually be days that are extra good than others for you. i'm sorry on your loss, yet i actually do understand first hand the place you're coming from and the form you sense. hang in there and that i'm sending you a hug!

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    Make a loving scrapbook of your favorite memories and pictures of your dad. Don't make it too long and boring, just pick your favorite pictures and memorabilia. (Copy the pictures so you don't have to use the originals if you don't want to.) Include a comment with each picture, just something that will spark your memory so that you can expand on the stories you tell your son. He will probably pull the book out a lot and ask you to tell you those stories over and over again. It's your bonding time with your son as well as keeping your father's memory alive that he will remember as he grows.

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    I'd start by making your Dad's birthday (probably not the day he passed away) after all, you want to celebrate his life not his death. On that day, take your son and do something with him that his Grandfather might have done. Fishing, Woodworking show, car show, whatever your Dad liked. Especially do the things that your Dad did with you. You don't have to do them well, just tell your son about your childhood with your Dad. Quarterly go some place that your Dad would have liked. Have a meal every month that your Dad would have loved. Share, Share, Share. If your Dad like fried green tomatoes, eat them on that "Grandpa's Day" every month. (No, you don't have to eat them EVERY month!) Just try to get those things that made your Dad special transferred to your son. Good Luck, You'll figure it out once you get started.

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    Sorry to hear that. We had a great grandfather (I mean a real

    good one) that died at 62 with l6 loving grandchildren. Then my

    Dad died suddenly at age 52 and wasn't able to ever meet his

    grandchildren. At least you had those five years. I hope you

    are a church going person or maybe you can become one!

    Can you put together a nice memory book and keep it in a

    special place for your son?

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    Put pictures of him up around your house. Tell your son stories about him. Take over whatever traditions he may have done. Like when my father was alive, he took me and my sister to McDonalds every Sunday. Or he would cut things out of the newspaper that we thought we might be interested in. You can start doing that type of thing, kind of pick up where he left off. Good Luck!

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    You will not have to your son will never forget.But remember at the same time he will forget alot about his dad and you can tell him when he is older.Let your son move on with his life it is not good to drill on death for to long.It sounds like your still having a hard time without your dad.You might want to see someone about this so you can move on with your life.This could effect you son in how he handles things in the furture.Good luck on your recovery.Sorry for your loss.

    Source(s): I lost my sister about16yrs ago and i never forgot her.
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    You could take your son now and then to places that your dad liked to go to, or teach him about some of your dad's favourite things (movies, music, etc), and tell him about your dad just generally. Maybe emphasise that he was very important to your dad. I am sure your son will never forget him :)

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    Same thing happened to me but it was my mom who passed, and she and my daughter were also very close. I hung up pics of the two of them in my daughters room, and just some random pics with my mom in them around the house, or if you have any, watch home videos with your dad in them. We celebrate her b~day, we talk to her and I tell stories of my mom all the time (usually as a bedtime story) my daughter was 6 when she passed and she is now 10 and she still remembers my mom. I hope this helps. Im so sorry to hear of your loss, my heart goes out to you and you family.

    Source(s): I lost my mom and I will never forget her!
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    You could frame a picture of the two of them doing something fun and memorable together and keep it in your sons room. Keep scrapbooks and albums, maybe look through them on your dads would be birthdays and other special days.

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