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I need to transport my horse in Wisconsin...any ideas?

I need to transport my horse for cryosurgery (she has cancer on her eye) and do not have a trailer. It is only an hour and a half drive and I need to get there in the morning and then back that same night. I am going from Stevens Point to Madison, WI....

I do not know horsepeople well enough in this area to get a ride. (I will obviously pay for gas and extra).

any suggestions?


Thanks everyone for the tips-I am able to get my mother to drive up from my hometown. It is a 2 1/2 hr drive for her up to Stevens Point, but I have a trailer!

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    Check out "Dream Horse.com"....they have a spot on their Home Page for haulers. If that doesn't help, look in the yellow pages under horse stables, breeders, trainers...they should be able to help you out. You can try asking your local veterinarian if they have the name of a reliable stable/facility that could help you. DON'T call a general livestock hauler! Most of the time they deal with cattle and have limited experience with horses.

  • cosme
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    I used to attend to a barn for an somewhat eccentric rich woman who owned 9 horses and rode about six circumstances a 12 months. at the same time as she did experience it replaced into continually at a community horse park about 10 minutes down the line, even even with the reality that she had 2 outside earrings and an exquisite indoor (go be certain). It replaced into my pastime to get the horses to the park and he or she continually met me there one after the other. She continually requested that the horses be completely tacked before getting on the trailer with their halters on over the bridles. Her reason? so as that after I were given to the pony park the horses will be taken off the trailer and on the instantaneous fixed with out any prep time. even with the actual incontrovertible reality that it replaced into adversarial to my more effective judgement I did positioned on the saddles, yet flat out refused to positioned on the bridles till the horses were out of the trailer. i do not imagine that's regularly achieved and it truly is something i'd for my area in no way do (no longer even the saddle).

  • Paul H
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    Make some phone calls. When you explain your circumstances most horse people will bend over backwards to help you out, especially Wisconsin horse people.

    Source(s): I'm in Wisconsin, and I know some horse people.
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    call the place where you are getting the surgery done, and arrange for someone to transport the horse. this sounds pretty bad, so good luck and I hope your horse's surgery goes over well.

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    Go to the yellow pages under livestock transpertation

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    call uhaul or another rental and ask if they have something or know somewhere they can rent a trailer. Ask at a local stable if they have rentals.

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    you should see if you can rent a horse trailer or something

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    reschedule the surgery to fit your time.

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