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Which diet pills actually work and are safe?


...seriously, do any actually work? Or are they just a bunch of talk...

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    Diet pills work, but only as long as you keep taking them.. and that's never safe.

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    I dont reccamend any. Ive tried them before and theyre no fun. They generally suppress your appetite, which sounds good at first-- but once you stop taking them you gain the weight back and sometimes more. They usually make you very hyper, like a bad caffeine trip. Also they are VERY addictive. I reccamend exercise and lessen you food potions, try to cut out the junk but dont deprive yourself. I always say eat whatever you want but not as much as you want. Try cutting down ofn fatty,starch, and/or sugary foods. Foods with fiber and really green foods will help clean you out if you know what I mean, safely. good luck !

    Source(s): my experience-- 25 lbs. lighter : )
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    I have had great results with an all natural product called Isagenix.

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