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So say someone has great talent, but doesnt have the right appearence and another person has the right appearence but a lesser talent. Who gets the part idealy?

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    It depends on the producer and director. All I can say is:Barbra Stryzan (sp)

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    To bring about a point that hasn't been mentioned yet (I don't want to be redundant in saying the things that everyone above have already said), it is also important to remember that it's not only the right look for the part, but also the right look with the rest of the cast. I've had to cast a woman as a mother role instead of the child (who was the main character) because she was the largest female that auditioned. Depending on the show and the rest of the cast, this wouldn't be a problem, but especially in a smaller theatre, it would be confusing to the audience to have the child (who was supposed to be barely a teenager) be larger than the mother. Though to me, not just talent but also potential are two of the most important qualities.

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    Depends on the what way the director wants to go with the production. At some auditions,you get "typed" out right away cause you don't fit the mold of what the casting people are looking for. Although if you do get to show them your stuff you can sometimes persuade them to go in an entirely different direction with the part.

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    Of course the person with more talent. It doesnt matter of your apearence, if you have talent go for it! The world of theater is a complicated one but like in all good stories good wins over bad : )

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  • 1 decade ago

    im not sure what you mean by idealy o.0 .....but usually the one w/ great talent....because if they dont have the looks you could always make the looks....and if they judge by the looks then thats unfair and wrong ...=/ ....i heard that alot from my drama teacher when i was in school

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    This is what I'VE noticed.

    On stage, appearance comes in second because the audience can't see the faces or body imperfections very well from where they are, so Talent comes first.

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    Hard to say, really. The "look" is so important, but some people who would hardly be considered "good looking" have been successful because of an overwhelming talent.

    Lately, I'm sad to say, the tendency has been for the "look" to win out. It is hardly insurmountable, though!

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    the person with better talent. you can always make someone look the part with makeup and costumes

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    I think either as long as the talent is the same............

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