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Does anyone know different ways for me to style me hair?I have bangs.?

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    I have bangs too~~~~~~~

    if you have straight hair, put it down and put a hairband on but do not pull the bangs back just put in on your head.

    leave your hair down, and pull them back. Simple. and looks good.

    Pull them to the side! If you have already not. it looks good, and is the new style.

    put the hair on the top up, (im not sure how to describe this) and then your bangs would look good to the side.

    Put it on a LOW ,side, pony tail and pull it over your shoulder then pull your bangs to the side.

    Put it up in a HIGH pony tail (not to high!) and then pull them to the side and put a headband on over your head not pulling back your bangs.

    if your hair is short, try to little pig tails and then bangs to the side.

    if you have curly hair, straighten YOUR BANGS!!!! but then leave EVERYTHING ELSE curly. and you could put a headband on and to the side or pull them back!

    also you can straighten all your hair, and do any of the other styles,




    those are the VERY best brands.

    Hope this helps


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    Try wearing the bangs swept to the side for a change.

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    French braid / African-ethnic hairstyles

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    leav ur bang in da front and then put da bak hair into a poiny tail gurl dat looks nice!!!!

    also some twisties with ur bang in da front !!

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    U can put it half way up because that looks cute with bags...

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