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Strong / emotional / reflective music needed that can psychologically may the listener think about topic.?

It is a project in which I need music, and I have chosen to place my topic around effects of war, and achieving peace. I need something that can be really strong on the soul, and have the listener consider how it feels.

Perhaps something similar to music (bagpipes) played on remembrance day? I prefer with few or no lyrics.

Please do not tell me to search on google. Thanks!

Please provide a link for me to listen to if possible. I need artist name and song title!

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    i know just the perfect melody for you , you will have the best project.

    is called Carmina Burana.

    contact me on messenger to download from me.

    or i will send it to you by email, when you contact me.

    see ya

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    4 years ago

    if you're desiring reflective music, songs by using the singer Enya are very reliable. go on limewire (or inspite of your music downloading software is) and form in Enya because the artist, i'm constructive you'll locate extremely some songs that could paintings properly consisting of your challenge. My husband is energetic duty military and he only were given back from a 7 month rotation to Iraq----I listened to an excellent type of Enya to calm my self when I frightened, and also a music by using the David Crowder Band referred to as "All i can Say" it is large also. reliable success on your challenge!! :)

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    Here are some songs that relax me.

    Angels in the Snow-David Arkenstone

    In the Deep-Bird York

    Shine-Collective Soul

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