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I need some strong / emotional / reflective like music for project. Please help.?

It is a project in which I need music, and I have chosen to place my topic around effects of war, and achieving peace. I need something that can be really strong on the soul, and have the listener consider how it feels.

Perhaps something similar to music (bagpipes) played on remembrance day? I prefer with few or no lyrics.

Please do not tell me to search on google. Thanks!

Please provide a link for me to listen to if possible. I need artist name and song title!

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    Peace on Earth (by U2) from the All That You Can't Leave Behind cd is a good song. It does have lyrics, but I think it could be quite fitting for the subject.

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    If you're wanting reflective music, songs by the singer Enya are very good. Go on limewire (or whatever your music downloading software is) and type in Enya as the artist, I'm sure you'll find quite a few songs that would work well with your project. My husband is active duty Army and he just got back from a 7 month rotation to Iraq----I listened to a lot of Enya to calm my self when I worried, and also a song by the David Crowder Band called "All I Can Say" which is great also. Good luck on your project!! :)

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    Try a song called "The Green Fields of France." It is an Irish bar classic, so it has been done by many artists. However, you would need to focus on the lyrics with this song.

    Other ideas: 1812 Overture (starts with the cannons firing) or The Planets (more than one song). Both of these are classical selections, so pick an orchestra.

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    Couple of suggestions...

    Firstly, you could try some of Elgar's works... Particularly "Nimrod" from his Enigma Variations... It's very emotional and powerful and has no words... It's actually the theme used by the British Royal Legion on Remeberance day over here and it's a great choice.

    Secondly, If you're looking for something haunting and reflective, try a choral piece by Thomas Tallis called "Spem in Alium"... It's entirely choral and sung by 40 voices... It certainly gets me reflecting when I here it.

    Not exactly your great military music, but perfect for sombre reflection...

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    i'm no expert... yet heres my wager... i've got heard from specific supplies that song is at situations able to invoking hormone secretion... whilst specific varieties of hormone tiers circulate up, it produces specific reactions, in lots of circumstances, "thoughts". M no longer so specific bout smells nonetheless. the only scent thats affected me is an onion's scent that too brought about "impassive" tears... besides the very incontrovertible fact that i think what u suggested ought to in step with probability clarify y human beings placed on fragrance......

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    Emo music would be great for stirring those emotions and pulling those heart strings.

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    i cant think of anything w/out musicbut the 8th of november might be good, it's by big and rich, just listen to it

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