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I don't know what to do, I am so worried and scared. Pregnant???

My menstrual cycle lasts from approcimately 28-30 days. On the 11th of December marked the 28th today and yesterday marked the 30th. I have yet to get my period. I am so hysterically freaking out, I am about to break down :(. I know my period is a day late, but here is the situation: In early September (8th - 12th)I was with this guy, and although no sexual intercourse took place, I did get fingered and I gave him a hand job. The thing is, what if he had moist precum on his finger when he fingered me...would that get me pregnant? He never went "inside" my vagina, that's for sure. I am a virgin and told him not to because I know it hurts. I had ovulated on September 1st-2nd - so, in this case, there would have been no egg when I was with the guy, right (they last 24-48 hrs I read somewhere). I got my period 3 days after this incident and they went as follows. Sept 15, Oct 16, Nov 13 [so 3 perods in all] My question is can I still be pregnant? I am so worried.


Oh, I was also in a jacuzzi with him. What if he released semnal fluids into the water? Could that get me pregnant? (I had a swim suit on, if that makes a difference.)

I am feeling all the PMS symptoms: extremely sore breasts, tender back pain, leg cramps, etc. But no period in sight :(

Update 2:

Yes, they were heavy periods fazizzle. They lasted usually 4-5 days.

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    The fact that you had your period in Novebmer AND October points to the fact that you're not pregnant. Were they heavy periods?

    Regardless, in a few days it may not be a bad idea to take a HPT.

    Don't freak out just yet and don't go over the "what-ifs" this early. It doesn't sound like you're pregnant, and stressing yourself out will only make it more late.

    Since they were heavy periods, I wouldn't worry. At this point it sounds more like you're late due to stress.

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    I doubt you would be pregnant if you had 3 periods within the past three months. There is the possibility of getting pregnant if he ejaculated or pre-ejaculated and touch your vaginal area. I know a girl who was fooling around with this guy, he didnt penetrate but he touched the tip of her vagina with his penis and she became pregnant. So it isnt impossible but it isnt very common.

    And a missed or late period doesnt always mean that you are pregnant. It could be a health factor or due to stress. I would advise you to take a pregnancy test if you are unsure. But wait at least another week. That way if you are pregnant your HCG levels will be higher. And makke sure to test first thing in the morning brecause the levels are usually higher. If the test comes back negative I would suggest seeing a doctor. I doubt you are pregnant but if you are a doctor can give you a blood test to check for pregnancy which is alot more accurate than a urine test. If it comes back negative you may need to talk to your doctor about the possible reasons as to why your period hasnt arrived yet.

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    I was always told you ovulate 3days before and 3 days after your period thats what I used to get pregnant and it worked i have a son! But No!! It doesn't sound like your pregnant but even if your not going to have sex you should still get on the pill. If you want to and your worried about your parents there are other reasons to get on the pill other than sex, the pill helps with acne and helps regulate your period to an exact date every month so no surprises when your period is do. so tell your mom thet your not regular on your period and you have it for longer than 28 day cycle and she would probably consider it!!! Good Luck!!!

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    Your not pregnant...not likely. I would say maybe you need to see a gynocologist because maybe you have something else going on. Some things make you late like stress, ovarian cysts, and other health problems.

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    you are not pregnant.. for sure because you cannot get pregnant with the ways you think that coud've gotten you pregnant.. a late period can be caused by stress and/or change in environment.. to be safe.. go see a doctor..

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    get a test and take it from there! he sooner you catch it the more options you have. go to planned parenthood, they can test you same day if you want a professional opion they are also the professionals to talk to about alternative options to pregancy. also the sooner you know if you are or arent you can alter your lifestyle to prevent harm to your baby. put alot of thought into this, keep your head up and stay strong>

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    uhm... no your not... but why just take a pregnancy test?????? then you'll know for sure, and you wont have to worry... they are about 12 dollars... and only take 3 minutes... which would probably take wayyy less than reading all these answers... and we cant tell you if you are pregnant... the test can!!!!!

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    No. You are not pregnant. RELAX!! And get some sex ed while you're at it.

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