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Explalin: What are your consumer rights? These are the consumer rights but I need them explaned.

1. The right to safety. You have the right to purchase products and services that will not harm you or others.

2. The right to chosse. You have the right to select from many products at competitive prices.

3. The right to be informed. You have the right totruthfull information about products and services.

4. The right to be heard. You have the right to join in the making of laws that govern buying and selling.

5. The right to have problems Corrected. You have the right to seek compensation when you have been treated unfairly.

6. The right to consumer education. You have the right to learn skills necessary to help you make wise choices.

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    I know there are 4 basic consumer rights

    1. The right to choose free

    U may choose and use any product that u want w/o questioning

    2. The right to be informed

    Producers of the product must inform u of any side affects or things that may harm u when using product

    3. The right to be safe

    The right to be able to use a product w/o being harmed....goes hand in hand with #2

    4. The right to be heard

    If u have complaints, issues or questions they must be answered and can not be ignored

    hope i helped

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