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Hi! can somebody tell me at which website i can purchase awanshine products skin lighteners by cosmepharm?

Your help wil be appreciated.


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  • Before spending too much money, try my all-natural Lightening Body Lotion...

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    Normally it would be, but unfortunately their site is down right now. I did receive this email from the 2Checkout Help Desk(they handle the transactions for the orders): Hello Marian,

    Thank you for contacting We apologize for any delay you


    have experienced.

    That vendor looks to be having problems with their website. Please

    contact the

    vendor directly at for ordering assistance.

    We greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Please feel free

    to reopen this ticket if you need any additional assistance.

    Thank you,


    2CO Customer Care

    Knowledge Base:

    I hope this helps!!!

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    why would you want to lighten your skin? are you lightening blemishes or are you trying to be another color entirely?

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