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I have a couple questions about high intensity interval training?

QUESTION NUMBER 1: Is it a bad idea to do it several days in a row without alternating days? For example, can I do it 4 days in a row without skipping days. Will this negatively stress my muscles or do I need to skip days to give time for recovery?

QUESTION NUMBER 2: HIIT is an anaerobic type of exercise. Can I substitute it for my aerobic exercises? Will it give me the same benefits as aerobic exercises or is it purely anaerobic?

QUESTION NUMBER 3: Can I do leg exercises after doing HIIT? Can I do squats, lunges, calf raises, etc. . .Afterwards or will this stress my legs?

QUESTION NUMBER 4: Will 20-30 minutes of HIIT everyday burn more body fat than an hour of medium speed aerobic exercise?

QUESTION NUMBER 5: What is the minimum amount of days that I can do HIIT but still see results?

And that's all. If you don't know the answers, don't just guess because I really need real answers. No answer is better than a wrong answer. Thanks.

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    1) You shouldn't have a problem but listen to your body. If your muscles are feeling sore the next day, take a day off for R&R.

    2) HIIT is an aerobic type of training.

    3) You can, but I would strongly advise you to get your workout in before HIIT, preferably 6 hours before.

    4) I believe that it would be more, if not just as, effective, but you may also be wasting away muscle mass with this much HIIT. Stick to 15-25min of HIIT.

    5) 2-3 days should be enough as long as you have a good diet. You can do all the HIIT you want, but if your diet is bad it won't make a difference.

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    ok did you recognize you utilising 'speedy twitch' muscle fibers once you're doing strengh training? The physique purely makes use of gradual fibers for long distance workout ( cardio ) , for power training and H.I.I.T you're utilising speedy twitch fibers ( that's incredibly whilst the muscle does not require oxygen for skill)( anareobic) .. Sooo doing what your doing isn't probably resting them in any respect.. Nor do I see a fashion approaches to take a seat back them except you stop hiit and do in simple terms long cardio sessions , yet which will take longer to realize your aims.. My advice is shop on with what you're already doing ( sorry if that no longer you opt for to hearken to : ( ) Your unique plan looks appropriate and its working ! you spot the diverse questions appropriate to right here , some human beings might kill to have the flexibility to lose a pair of inches in 2 months ! believe me your doing each little thing ideal an you look very knowledgeable so shop on with your weapons an it is going to artwork out !

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