Intel Core 2 Duo?

Does the core 2 duo mean that it is double. ex. if i buy a core 2 duo computer the is a 1.6 GHz is it like having a 3.2 GHz normal core? What i am saying is i have a 3.0 GHz pentium 4 HT desktop. If i buy a 1.6 GHz core 2 duo notebook will it be the same/ faster than the desktop?

Becuase ive seen people on ebay selling core 2 duo notebooks that are 1.6 Ghz listing they are 1.6 X2 or 3.2



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    It's not quite that simple, but the core 2 duo is much more efficient per clock over Intel's previous Pentium 4. Having Dual cores 1.6Ghz is similar, but not equal to having a 3.2Ghz machine, but that's only if the application you use is developed properly for dual cores.

    Check out Toms Hardware's CPU charts and compre your processor to the ones you were thinking of switcing to, you can pick applications that they've tested that may be similar to the type of work your doing.

    For example a Pentium 4 630 (3Ghz) took 9:59 minutes to encode an HD quality movie clip, the same thing took 4:45 minutes on a Core 2 Duo E6400 (2.1Ghz).

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    enable me 2d what C-guy suggested. For somewhat a lot each and every recreation and alertness out now, and for virtually all of video games and applications over a minimum of the subsequent 2 years, having a twin-center as against a quad-center will make virtually no vast difference in accepted applications. although, having a faster CPU will make a large vast difference. 3GB as against 4GB will make virtually no vast difference, somewhat in case you position in a 32-bit operating gadget. interior the case you gave, the quad-center is more advantageous suited in all respects. 4 cores are literally unlikely to ever be worse than 2. and 2.66GHz is continuously going to be more advantageous suited than 2.0GHz (except the dual-center is from a a lot more recent line, yet this is uncertain, and Intel's oldest quad cores - Kentsfield - are literally not diverse adequate from the utmost up-to-date twin cores - Wolfdale - to outweigh the clock % vast difference). replace: The Q6700 runs at 2.66GHz, so as which will make the quad center a faster CPU than the dual center on a similar %. although, it gained't make all that a lot vast difference for 2 causes. First, maximum application obtainable right now and for the subsequent few years can not take great element about more advantageous than 2 cores o.k.. 2d, those 4 cores are sharing a similar FSB and memory, and which will commence to be the proscribing element.

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    It is the second Generation of the Duo Family which is dual core. If you get a 1.8Ghz Core 2 duo. You are buying the second generation core duo which is fast than the original it will not show up as 3.6Ghz but 2 1.8Ghz.

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    Your computer will run faster, but I suggest a Core 2 Duo Extreme. Thats a quad core.

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    Your P4 3.0 HT IS ALSO DUAL CORE! (I have the 3.6 P4 HT)

    The 1.6 is still 1.6! You only use the power of the other core when your Operating System supports it, and you are doing several tasks at once.

    That's why I use XP Pro (instead of Home) for my Operating System!


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    I think a core duo is like to Intel processors not sure maby

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    No, you don't just multiply the processor speed by two.

    Wikipedia has a good article on the Core 2 processors:

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    get a amd 74 quad

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