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My face is peeling from mixing two products on my face. WHAT CAN I DO TO make it go away by tomorrow!??!?

I mixed two acne product on my face by accident on tuesday. and it was really red but now its just peeling and beck to its normal color. (like a sunburn). But its peeling really bad. i have not put anything on my face for a couple days now. What can i do? Should i put acne products on it? Aloe lotion?

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    Marina - Hope U learned lesson what may happen mixing stuff. Call the toll-free consumer help # on each package, they know. My feeling is lay off both until U heal. If only peeling like sun-burn may not need 2 c doctor. If U want, try call poison # they know what 2 do. Good 4 problem w/ Product- aren't supposed 2 hurt!

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    Go get a soft facial scrub, like avacodo or apricot scrubs, gentle, yet will remove the excess skin. Alternante with pure aloe, not aloe lotion. Also try taking ice and wrapping it in a soft cloth and pressing against your skin, not for a long time, but frequently to help calm the redness and close your pores. Good luck.

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    I would recommend not to put anything else on your face, it might make it worse, wash it with a mild facial cleanser, a light scrub would be OK also, no salicylic acid, or benzoic acid creams/cleansers, . After washing your face, just put on a facial moisturizing lotion, and allow it to hydrate your skin. Baby oil is a pretty good moisturizer, they also have Baby oil w/ aloe....Good luck!

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    Cold towels.. this will help bring down the redness and the irritation... I'd follow it with some fresh aloe.. not lotions.. you don't want to clog up your pores... don't wear make-up and let your face breath...

    GOOD Luck!

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    There are some calming facial lotions out now by Aveeno. I don't know if it would work over night, but they do help irritated and red facial skin.

    Source(s): I've used the product.
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    i would recommend putting Listerine around all the places that you are peeling. i had a problem where i had acne also ,and after putting toothpaste , Listerine and washing my face with antibacterial soap it was gone the next day.

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    mix some virgin honey lemon and oatmeal, make into a mask and exfoliate leave it on for about 5-10 min(do not rub for long), wash your face and instead of using face cream use olive oil. it should help.

    good luck

    Source(s): my mom.
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    some lotion will work, aloe sounds. YOu must never mix two medicnes because they can cancel eachother out

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    That is what happened to me. Put on Eucerin Calming Creme. Its going to sting a lot but it will help. Trust me

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    Quick, get a jar of mayo. Let it set on your face for 30 min. Rinse. next get some soft goat cheese. warm in microwave just to enough to soften and work on to face. cover your face with food wrap with goat cheese for 12 hrs. wash off with some baby shampoo. Dry. cover face in baby powder. it works.

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