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Let's try the six degrees of separation idea, who knows a farmer in Western China? Can you prove it?

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    I dont know a farmer in western china. This is not how 6 degrees works. It works like this. Take me for example. I live in Chicago. You would tell me to mail a letter out to someone I know as close to living or living western china as possible. Then that person would do the same. You need a persons name to start out with. The name of a specific farmer in western china. It is proven that you can get a letter to anyone in the world through 6 people. Sometimes more, sometimes less. 6 is the average. It is amazing.

    Just to make it clear...the key to this game is starting out with the name of a specific person.

    An example would be Steven Spielberg in Hollywood. I would mail a letter to a buddy I know that works and does some acting in LA. He would mail it to a friend of his in southern cal.......etc Pretty cool!

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    Don`t know a farmer in Western China, I do know a nurse in Southern China and several families in Northern China(LangFang and Tianjin)

    All through adoption proceedings and mission work.

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    My parents know a familly who did live in China, who during their travels undoubtably either met a western Chinese farmer or someone who knew one

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    I can do it in two

    I am a person - so is a farmer in western china

    Amazing huh?

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    I do!!!

    I work with farmers in China.

    And how the hell can I prove that??????

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