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What is your opinion about removing a cat's "gender"?

(You know what I mean.)

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    I'm going to be honest, I love cats and kittens, but when they are not "fixed" they are terribly annoying. The girl cats make awful noises and wake up the neighbors. The boy cats pee everywhere and ruin furniture by doing so. I think it is wise to trust your vet, though. Mine was very kind and gentle (from what I saw) when I had to take my girl cats to get their parts removed.

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    Spaying and neutering. All my cats get that visit to the vet. Learned my lessons a long time ago. Ha. Ha. Male cats mark their territory by spraying on furniture, curtins, carpet,clothing and etc. Females are allfull when they go into heat.

    They don't remove the gender.

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    If you're not going to breed your cat, then having the cat spayed or neutered is an excellent idea. It keeps you from having to deal with unwanted litters, female cats don't get their strength sapped by bearing many litters of kittens, and male cats don't spray and wander, or fight for territory so much. They're also calmer, but are still playful (my 15-year-old abyssinian male was neutered at six months of age, and he'll still chase his toys around despite a bit of arthritis). All in all, I think a neutered/spayed cat makes a MUCH better pet than an intact cat.

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    Spaying or neutering is the most responsible thing that you can do as a pet owner. Unless you have a purebred animal that you will be breeding (in a responsible manner, of course!), it's better for you and for your pet to make sure the animal is spayed (if it is female) or neutered (if it is male).

    Both procedures are fairly simple to do, and shouldn't require an extensive veterinary stay.

    In some areas, animal shelters will offer a financial incentive for pet owners to spay their animals. This helps keep the pet population under control and prevents unwanted pets from being born.

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    Spay/neuter does NOT remove a cats gender..they will still be male/female.

    Altering a cat is the best thing you can do for them. They will live longer healthier lives for it.

    It prevents some very devastating reproductive cancers and serious, life threatening infections. It also eliminates or dramaticly reduces some very unwanted hormonal behaviors.

    Source(s): vet tech for 34 years
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    As many abandoned, unwanted and roadkill cats as I've seen in my 40 some odd years, I totally agree with and promote spaying and neutering. It doesn't remove their gender, it's more like a vasectomy or a tubal ligation. My seven cats are all rescue cats that ended up that way because someone neglected to spay their female, and ended up with unwanted kittens that they abused, caught on fire, kicked nearly to death, ran over with a lawn mower, etc. You get the picture. Millions of cats and dogs every year are destroyed by shelters and individuals because they are unwanted. Please spay and neuter.

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    I personally think it is necessary. There are so many cats in the world without homes already, and we need to prevent more from coming. It also helps with health issues. It eliminates the chances of uterine or testicular cancer, and pyometras, which can be deadly in females. It also reduces the chances of mammary cancer. It can also help with behavior issues, such as females coming into heat, and male cats spraying. I definitely promote spaying and neutering.

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    Guess you have never lived with an intact male cat IN your house. Smells PRETTY AWFUL!!!!

    FYI...they do not remove the PENIS, or the still have a GENDER. They are just removing the REPRODUCTIVE organs.

    You need to know what you are talking about to make a point!!

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    I know it seems horrible but your pet will be just fine they are actually much happier and live longer and believe me they don't miss it. When they're in heat they are in danger of getting hurt male cats fight really bad and female cats yowl for weeks at a time until they get pregant then you have to worry about the delivery and making sure the kittens get good homes. Please fix your cat they really are better off that way and stay just as sweet. And they heal surprisingly fast honestly in one day she'll be acting normal again.

    Source(s): Been there and worried about it so much my bestfriend had to take to the vet for me because I foolishly thought my cats would hate me for it. They don't and they are much safer and happier.
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    Sapying or neutering is not removing an animals gender.

    It will keep males from spraying urine scent all over on all the house hold things and it will keep females from comming in to heat and crying all the time and carring on and they tend to pee all over the place.

    It is better for the health of the cat.

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