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is having a high sex drive normal while pregnant?

i have a really high sex drive since i got pregnant its like that is all i want and my boyfirend sometimes gets mad at me because he thinks it is unhealthy for the baby to be having sex all the time and i mean like 5 times a day and when he wont have sex with me i cry (i think its due to the hormones) and i star ttelling him things like he is not attracted and that why he doesnt want me. i just dont know what to do!! got any advice??

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    I'm 13 weeks and i have NO sex drive lol lucky you! i had a high sex drive before pregnancy tho like 5 times a day but now nope not really lol but if hes saying no because he feels its not good for the baby have him go with you to Ur monthly appointment and ask your doctor in front of him so he knows! good luck!

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    I even have 3 little ones and my spouse's sexcontinual replaced into low for our first being pregnant, yet for the subsequent 2 little ones she would desire to no longer get adequate of intercourse from me. even though it replaced into super for me, yet even i opt for sleep on occasion. to respond to your question: confident i believe it incredibly is truthfully prevalent to have a severe sexcontinual now which you're pregnant, yet do no longer think of something is misguided the subsequent time you get pregnant that your sexcontinual isn't as good because of the fact the final one. perhaps yourcontinual in simple terms would desire to be greater. tell your companion to coach for some sleepless nights.

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