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Is calculus 2 a requirement for Medical school? And which physics should I take college level or Calc based?

I am not sure which physics(college based physics or the Calculus based physics) is the requirement for Medical school and if calculus 2 is needed. Thanks.

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    let me put it to you this way, the MCAT doesn't have ANY calculus on it (highest maybe Trig), many B.S. degrees in Biology require 2 semesters of calculus, check with med school requirements, some don't even require an undergrad degree just 60 hrs of of coursework. unlike law schools which almost all require an undergrad degree, even though law school REALLY doesn't have ANY prerequisites. The real key to getting into med school is having corrupt (croinism) connections with someone in the state or fed gov or in the university which gets fed and state money, also organized crime connections buddies (like ben yahoo mafia helps), like Bush got this guy (Inside Edition called his Boy Friday) Blake Gottesman into Harvard Business School (MBA) without any undergrad or college coursework (although required prerequisite for others). another good idea is to use those same Croinism connections and just major in Engish Lit (like all the weathermen on the national TV morning programs), use some corrupt gov official or get a corrupt english lit professor to give you papers written by previous students and reuse them and say you're a straight A English Lit Genius (such a thing?), I always prefer my Doctors to have an undergrad degree in English Lit over Science, so that while I'm under anesthesia they can recite to me some great works and poetry, like a bedtime story. also you can go to China or other asian country and get a fake med degree and again get those corrupt state officials (like Rick Perry) to get you a state license (you're already a citizen got that part taken care of by right, no croinism help there), then you can prescribe narcotics to drug addicts and gov officials (call it a weight loss clinic or pain management for whiplash) and some extra prescriptions on the side for P-diddy to sell on the street working with the local DA and corrupt cops. in exchange they will pass legislation to prevent you from being sued for malpractice, if you abide by the above stipulations, in addition to testifying about "soft tissue" injuries (whiplash) for corrupt gov officials associated with certain corrupt law firms (prob former republicans from the DA's office now in private personal injury practice), and you got it made in the shade, cash cow town with rep whiplash attorneys, and protection by corrupt gov officials, rep whiplash attys, and alltogether with the ben yahoo mafia. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! the whole purpose of the undergrad thing is to block and hinder low income from law school and MBA, sometimes med school, it is about as legit as the "postal exam" and employment, see Bush's Boy Friday (Blake Gottesman) was a Fat-Cat (don't mean to put down the feline version of "fat cats" or cats in general), it was Inside Edition on 6-13-06 under Janet's Diet Secrets! LOL Good Luck and may the Force be with you! whatever..

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    That would depend on the medical school to which you intend to apply, I know that it is highly recommended by most medical schools. But you should contact the schools you are interested in directly or check out their website, a.s.a.p. because you don't want to get to your senior year and find out you have to stay an extra year because you do not meet the requirements of the school you want to attend.

    Calculus will help you with physics which happens to make up a significant portion of the MCAT. I took calculus 1congruently with physics 1 last semester and will take calculus 2 and physics 2 next semester. I know it is not a requirement for the Medical College of Wisconsin, which is where I want to go, but it is a requirement for one of my majors (chemistry).

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    Calculus 2 is not a specific requirement for medical school; but it is a prerequisite for the Calculus based physics class which is required.

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    I'm fairly certain that all U.S. Medical Schools require calculus II. I certainly don't know of any exceptions. You should also take calculus based physics... although that (as opposed to general physics) isn't necessarily required.


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    Usually for any medical science or any science in general you need to take calc 2, and calculous bsed physics. My friend says that calculous based physics is easier than general physics.( She is a chemistry major) Hope this helps.

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    This is just the answer you're looking for: it depends on the individual medical schools, which have differing requirements. Now have a good groan and check out the different schools.

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