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I have an excel spreadsheet that I have created with multiple worksheets on. I have a formula that I have on worksheet one, and would like to take the result of the formula and place into another worksheet. I tried to copy and paste the result but got =SUM(#REF!). How do I get rid of this error, and display the result?


Ok, so from what all of you have said, I need to refernece the worksheet the that formula is on. I have renamed the worksheets such as instead of worksheet 1, it is week ending 12-06-06. When i tried to enter the (worksheet 1:H40) in the cell that I want the result displayed in, it displayed (worksheet 1:H40) not the result of the formula

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    Copy the cell, go to the new work sheet, then Edit, Copy, Paste Special, Values. Or, you could go to your new worksheet and link the new cell to the formula driven one. Just do an = and then go to the cell on the other worksheet and click on it, and hit enter.

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    You need to call the result from the worksheet where the result is currently in. Let me illustrate with an example.

    Suppose you are trying to put the result of cell H2 from Worksheet 1 into Worksheet 2. Also, Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2 are the names of the tabs on the bottom. To do this, simply type the command:

    =Worksheet 1!H2

    into any cell in Worksheet 2 and you've done it!!!!

    Hope this helps

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    The reason it isn't working for you is that you've typed the formula in wrong. You've forgotten the equal sign as people have said, and you've replaced the exclamation mark with a colon! You have:

    worksheet 1:H40

    and it should be

    =worksheet 1!H40

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    Assuming your formula is in Worksheet1 cell A1

    In the other worksheet, enter =Worksheet1!A1 in the cell that you want the results to be.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What you wanna do is when you hit the = sign and plug in your formula what ever it is just click on the tab then hit the cell you want in the formula.

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    in the cell you want the results put an = sign.

    then go to the cell with the forula in it and click it, and hit enter.

    that should be it...

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