What is hindi term for freelancer or provider?

I am trying to brainstorm a name for my website allowing freelancing. It has to be simple, unique and professional. Any suggestions? If u r a freelancer who wants to join my website or wanna interact with me for name suggestions, my IM is coolshort5000

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    1 decade ago
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    provide 1. juTAnA,pahale se lA rakhanA,juTAnA,pahale se yatna karanA,pahale se praba.ndha karanA,

    2. khilA pilAnA

    provided1. basharte ki,isa pratiGYA se,agara,yadi

    so why not a name like Rakhana or Jutana. Both of those have a nice ring to them

  • 1 decade ago

    Unicode (provider):

    देने वाला

    Pronounciation: xene vAl

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