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IF GOD does not exsist then he would have no claim on us.?

Therefore people that have no god would be living by man's rules and his rules alone. And who says what is civilized? a Man's interpetation?

If a colony of people live where they practice incest and bestiality and cannabalism is that oklay with you non-believers?

I ask these questions because many atheists seem to contradict themselves when asked what is right and wrong, moral or immoral

If man can dictate a Code of Ethics to live by then it would be easy for many future Hitler's to come of age...

Thanks for your reply.'s.:)

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    God is an all-loving, omnipotent, omnipresent Creator, but by definition he allows his creation to make their own choices.

    These creature manifestations of God then experience the results of their choices, and when they finally learn that the path back to God is through loving each other they are welcomed back to the loving arms of God like a loving parent would welcome home his wandering children.

    God is all-forgiving, so once again - by definition - there are no "rules".

    All morality is a construct of the human mind, and what's considered moral or immoral varies according to time and place.

    Remember, according to the Bible Adam's children must have practiced incest or the human race would not exist.

    God has only one law - love they neighbor as thyself - and he waits with infinite patience, love and forgiveness for us to learn that lesson.

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    "no claim on us"? what does that mean?

    Without trying to be offensive, you need to learn to think more critically. This is apparent because everything you have stated here is wrong.

    Perhaps you've been told before that you need to think more critically? It means not just accepting everything that you are told. It's a good idea to challenge authority and question how conclusions are drawn. You will begin to see that some things you are taught are actually wrong, which should set you on a path to learn the real truth.

    Regarding morality and laws, man has always lived under his own set of imperfect rules, which change frequently. God(s) don't tell us how fast we can drive cars, for example.

    While it is true that religion has influenced certain laws in certain cultures, even when some of the rules are said to come from god(s), man has found the need to change, supplement, or disregard such rules to best meet the needs of society. For example, the god of the old testament supposedly said that we "shalt not kill". Well, that's obviously too simplistic, isn't it? Most people are reasonable enough to agree that it is actually OK to kill someone if there is no other way to prevent that person from committing murder, for example. Or it is often seen as OK to kill the enemy in a time of war. Even among theists, you would admit that the OT god did not provide this critical clarification/correction -- people did.

    Also, the gods of several religions specify how law-breakers are to be treated. But man has correctly decided that extra-marital sex should not be punished by death or public stoning.

    There are countless other examples.

    You say that atheists seem to contradict themselves about these matters. I'm sure that's true, but it's not really saying anything. Atheists are people, and just like all people of all religions, they have different ideas among themselves. And you will find nothing more contradictory than religious guidance on morality and behavior. Different religions say completely different things, and you can find all sorts of contradictions even within a particular religion. The bible, for example, is replete with contradictions.

    In summary, the gods are crazy when it comes to morals and laws. The world would be in absolute chaos if man did not create his own rules for civil conduct.

    You also imply that anyone who lives by other than the rules of god(s) is obviously without morals and so could easily become a Hitler or a sociopath. This is proven wrong by your own ability to observe. How do you explain that there is no greater crime rate for atheists than theists? The obvious explanation is that god(s) is/are unnecessary (they are actually harmful) when it comes to the law.

    And the Germany that brought Hitler to power was christian. 9/11 is a product of Islam. The crusades and inquisition were a product of christianity. Purple koolaid, and pedophile priests - christianity again. Atheists simply can't compete with the theist record of atrocities.

    You are sadly mistaken on every point you've proposed here. But you can change and do better. If your religion or its leaders are teaching you this nonsense, please start questioning. You can do it, and you'll be a better, more knowledgeable and respectable person as a result.

    Best wishes.

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    we are living right NOW by man's rules and man's rules alone. Do you honestly believe that our world is ordered by God's laws???? OBVIOUSLY NOT. If you commit a crime, or do something that is immoral, do you answer to God? NO!

    You answer to your fellow man and his laws no matter where you live. You can argue that you answer to God when you die, but this is simply a quote from the Bible, and NOT anything based in reality, fact, or provable in any way through argumentative logic

    Why do you find it so hard to believe that people can be good human beings without believing in God? We have never murdered for our beliefs, led a crusade, a jihad, or condemned anyone to an eternity in hell for not believing as we do. Atheists have been here since man first evolved into his present form, and we have not done any of the horrible things that can be attributed to organized religion. How do you keep ignoring this basic FACT?


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    What is amazing is that you are too daft to realize that the code of morals you are living by were also created by men, and then disguised as being inspired by god.

    Get over yourself. ALL MORALS ARE RELATIVE. They have been that way since the begining of time. Put down your bible for five minutes and study any other culture outside of the west. Every culture and every religion thinks themselves moral.

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    morality means different things to different people. Some religions thought it was "right" to sacrifice their young or virgins. They have been replaced by other religions who after they slaughtered them said cannibalism and human sacrifice are immoral. The world has been around longer than any other religion and who's to say that 2,000 years from now Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are gone and have been replaced by some other form of worship?

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    There is not a better system of Laws anywhere then the Ten Commandments. I have determined to base my life on love of the Law and not blind obedience to it. In this I am free. I have great peace. And I know the consequence of this choice can only bring good to me. I am blessed by the Commandments of God. I should think of them every day and be grateful for them.

    "Great peace have they who love Thy Law." [Bible]

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    Blah blah, blah blah blah.

    You are never going to convert any atheists, agnostics, or other people who do not follow Christianity. Get over it. People do not need religion to know what is right or wrong. And no, I am not atheist.

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    the universe replaced into already right here and the ancients didnt comprehend a thanks to describe it so as that they created gods and goddesses for a reason to describe each and each and every of the moves interior the universe and the international round them

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    Right. God bless you.

  • just don't worry about that stuff because God does exsist

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