My mom cleams she has alot of work at home well how can i prove her different?

My mom a homeworker unemployed we go to school. When we come home from we getted nagged and so on. She says that she tired and she has alot of work. We are four in the family and we have a puppy. All she really does at home is do laugry, dishes, vacumme sometimes, and some more little jobs. If there are any homeworkers mother that stay home give your opion if it's really that much work. Oh i forgot she takes care of the puppy for a max of an hour. Please give your opion if staying home as a mother is really that hard. Would like it if mothers that stay home would answer this question too. Thanks!

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    I'm a mom of 4 kids all in school now. I think I sound alot like your mom. It is alot of work to take care of the house. I also work a couple nights a week and feel it's harder to work at home. If you really want to know if it's hard work, try doing it yourself one day. Ask your mom for a list of her chores down to the detail and get up one morning, a day off from school would be best, and get started.

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    Have you ever heard of a mothers job is never done. A mom who stays home works, alot harder than if she worked in the corporate world. Believe me, I have done both, and I much rather work then stay home. When you are working 9 to 5, at 5 you leave your work behind.As a stay home mom the great advantage is that you get to stay with your children but, you clean, you cook, you do laundry, shopping, dog, kids, husband,mom give me this, mom can you get me that. It's wonderful to be needed and great to spend the time with your kids, but you are constantly on the go and no one really sees it.

    Husbands sometimes say the same thing you said, she does a little bit of work., but try to watch all the little things you think she does, it adds up. You will be surprised just how much a stay at home mom works and guess what....she doesn't even get paid.

    Hope this gives you an idea of how her day is, and you can cut her some slack...its hard work, no doubt, and like I said you are not the first and will not be the last who thinks a stay home mom just rests....God Bless you and your hardworking mom, how about just giving her a hug.....she loves you.

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    Well I can tell you that she probably takes care of the puppy for more than an hour. More like the whole time you and your siblings are at school and then some.

    4 kids, that's alot of picking up after. I only have one right now and I am constantly picking up after him.

    Plus as a stay at home mom I make all of my meals from scratch. Which means alot more work, effort, and dishes to do.

    Lets see about the laundry, I bet your mom has to go into your rooms and find the dirty clothes herself, then sort them, put them into the washer, put them into the dryer, then fold them and walk back to your room and put them away.

    As a stay at home mom I also have to run all of the errands. Which I don't know if you drive yet, but it is stressful driving in a world of idiots. The constant commuting to places can add up in time also. Which means less time to pick up after you and your siblings, less time to make dinner, less time to even spend time with you because she is busy taking care of everything else.

    One more thing just because we are homemakers doesn't mean we don't work. You try being in your mother's shoes. Homemaking maybe one of the most rewarding jobs but its the job that is the least recognized by the people we do the most for.

    Source(s): Stay at home Mother on a one day vacation.
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    I was a stay at home mom and believe me - it's a very hard job. I was up by 6 am and the work did not stop until I fell asleep at 9 pm, right after my kids fell asleep. I could give you an extremely long list of tasks but until you are a stay at home mom - you'll never understand the entire issue. I feel you are being very disrespectful by even asking this question. Appreciate what your mother does for you every day and leave this issue alone.

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    How about you step into her shoes for a couple of days? See what its really like?

    You do the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, picking up after everyone in the household (dog included). Then do all the cooking and run errands.

    A mom's job is never done. It doesn't start at 9am and end at 5pm like most people's jobs.

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    because of the fact society assumes that. SAHMs at the instant are not rewarded by society in any way and are in many cases penalized while it includes the artwork rigidity. the abilities you learn as a SAHM translate to lost time on a activity resume. you don't get credit in the direction of SS as a SAHM, that is below-favored. That reported, you recognize which you have all the duty of a SAHM and not one of the income. anyone desires to calm down. we are all doing the final we are in a position to with the lot we've.

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    You can't win this arguement and it is not your place to try..

    Just be a good son...

    You will be out of the house soon enough...

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