I would like to publish a book of poetry, and I need help on finding a publisher.?

I'm from Russia, originally Russian, but write in English (which I've also been speaking all my life) and constantly "publish" my stuff on poetry sites. Making a small book to publish in my hometown right now, but would like to see if there are options to get published in an English-speaking country.

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    This question gets answered on this site (in some variation) every few days -- have a search through the Books & Authors section to see what other people have said.

    If you want to be published by a press in an English-speaking country, you need to publish in poetry magazines in order to develop a name for yourself. There are very few poetry publishers, and many, many manuscripts.

    In addition, many presses only receive funding to publish local or national authors, so you would have a hard time finding a press that is willing to publish non-nationals.

    Some people would recommend that you self-publish through a site like lulu.com. In my opinion, it depends what you want from publishing -- self-publishing does not give you the benefit of an editor (who may make your work better) or a press (who will work to promote your book, and also offer a "brand" that people trust). Nor do many bookstores carry self-published books, except by very persistent local authors who distribute them by hand. They don't sell.

    If you are making a small book yourself, consider getting in touch with some chapbook presses and distributors (Google "chapbook"), as well as small press fairs. These will give you contacts.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I am a magazine editor & published poet with several years' bookstore experience
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    Good luck Honey. I've written a series of children's books and my daughter is the illustrator. I work at a school and the children love them, but we've been two years and haven't found a publisher yet. A lady that has had several published said to find an agent first and go from there. That is now what we are in the process of doing. You can always self publish, but what is hard about that is the distribution.

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    First you need to find a litterary agent. It may be easier in England than in the US. In the US it's really hard to get published, unless you're already well known.

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    4 years ago

    Publishers do not put up books for loose out of the goodness of their hearts -- they are in agency to make money. in case you could't stumble on a writer keen to print your poetry its because no human being thinks they are going to be able to promote adequate copies of the e book to make it valuable. There are agencies referred to as "conceitedness presses" which will put up some thing you ask them to -- for a fee -- and promote you although many copies you want of your poetry in done e book type. then you actually're loose to promote your poetry books or do inspite of you want with them. in case you imagine your poetry is so reliable and so valuable for all to study and do not ignore that you want human beings to have your e book for loose, then spend your own money, have the books printed up, and promises them away. And extremely frankly, in the journey that your spelling and command of the English language are as undesirable on your poems as they are on your question, i do not blame commercial publishers for no longer desirous to put up you. I actually desire for your sake as a poet that English isn't your community language and that your poetry on your community tongue is more desirable ideal than your English-language question-writing.

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