The U.S. space craft used to let people and equipment obit the earth is called ______.

The power or force to do work is called _______.

Name the part of the plant that is underground and takes water & food from the soil.

A _______ is a permanet structure, orbiting the earth, in which people can live.

HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! and whoever gets them right get 10 points! WHOOP WHOOP


its not in my textbook

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    Maybe you should try reading your textbooks. You'll learn more that way.

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    All I know is "The power or force to do work is called YOUR BOSS!!"

    The part of the plant that is underground is the root.

    A satellite is a permanent structure that orbits the earth.

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    CHEATER. Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.

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    3/4 is okay... atleast i helped--a little :)

    Source(s): my brain!!!
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    your not gonna fool anyone thats your homework its obvious

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    omg! cheater! im telling!

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    do ur own hw

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