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How do I deal with jealousy and competitiveness?

I am a very very jealous person, highly competitive with other females, and I'm afraid it's turning off my boyfriend. I don't want to be like this. Please help!

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    Do you really like yourself, maybe being so insecure it is manifesting itself via your intense jealousy of other women.

    I think it is time to take stock of who you really are,and start to tell yourself that *Hey I'm alright and I'm attractive in my own right*

    The worst emotion to show is jealousy as that puts barriers between partners and finally destroys relationship.

    Feel good about yourself then relax be happy it's amazing how it will show via your personality and make you even more attractive to your partner...

    In other words confidence, without this you are vulnerable to jealousy so maybe work on this aspect of your life ..Good Luck♥

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    hey this is areal problem

    it needs alot of self control of temper and of feelings

    look jealousy does not lead any where it keeps u where u area and maybe even worse it make u get back .. so if u want to make something in ur life that u do not have and u wish to have it then if u look to those who have it then u will not progress even one step so belive in ur self and that they are no one better than the other only by self confident and by working hard ... and everything then will turn to the way u like and jealousy will fade away if u do all of these steps

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    anger is outrageous but who can stand against jealousy(proverbs the bible). be humble or at least try to be sometimes. life is not always about competition.

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    First you have to figure out why you are that way. Then you have to change that thinking. Otherwise you will lose your boyfriend.

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