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How can they do it???

How can lawyers defend people that commit crimes that do horrible stuff...It's the lawyers job to let them back on the streets..Do lawyers have a concious?...Is it a class they take in law school "loosing your concious,selling your soul 101" ???

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    It's called a profession and has to do with a little thing called "rights". Everyone has the right to be represented. SOme people strongly feel that right should be for everyone. Yeah, it is a lousy side of the law. But a necessary one. Keeps us from just shooting suspects out back of the courthouse!

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    I would suggest you check the Constitution of the United States. Every person, even illegals, are guaranteed equal protection under the law as well as representation. My father is a lawyer and I asked him that very question when I was young. He explained to me that even though he knows a person is guilty he's taken an oath to defend the accused with vigor. While there are times that I might agree with your opinion, I must say that I would rather it be this way than the way it is in other countries. And understand that while the majority of the people who are prosecuted are guilty there are some who are found guilty who have been found to be innocent years later. If there is a person who is being accused of a crime and that person is indeed innocent isn't it good that we have a system in place that will guarantee him/her a vigorous defense no matter whether or not the accused can pay? I would venture to say yes, absolutely. It lends to the credibility of our system of justice as well as our way of life. And all this from a cop!! Alot of the guys I work with feel the same, however, I never take it personal but make it a way to learn from my mistakes so that when I do arrest a person it is a solid case.

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    I know a lawyer who defends DWI cases. He's a public defender for these drunk drivers and he's very good at getting them off, but he also teaches police officers how to stand trial at DWI cases and make sure the drunk doesn't get away with it.

    So, point of the story. Whatever pays the bills is what they'll do.

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    I hope this will ease your " PAIN "...... To start,,, attorney's, aren't paid to LET them back on the streets... **** I now ask you this " Hypothetical question??? What if,,,,,, You were passed out somewhere and you wake up and find yourself in jail for MURDER!!!??, the police say you had a know nothing about what they're accusing you of but none the less you're charged. The Victims family wants Justice now, BUT, YOUR NOT GUILTY!!!!!!! Do you purport to be Judge,Jury,and Executioner???. A PERSONS Rights to due process MUST be upheld!!!!!!!. GOD BLESS GOOD LUCK******

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    Ironically, my husband and I were talking about this not too long ago when the whole OJ thing started coming back up with his apparent new book....and we talked about Johnny boy.

    We just came to the conclusion that there is only one being slime ball lawyers have to answer to in the end..and that is their maker.

    Johnny could be in hell right now.

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    In US, everyone has the right to counsel. This should never change. As to defending criminals, it is part of their job. I go back to, we all have the right to counsel and that is what a lawyer does.

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    Im not about to defend it because its really self-degrading to do something like that. Hopefully the lawyers dont know if their client is truly guilty or not and are just defending them with the mindset that they are innocent.

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    Money talks and Bullshit differently walks

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