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Would you??

Would you let your daughter go to hawaii alone with her b/f for christmas break as long as she brought her friend?? Is it a sign of trust?? Would you trust you daughter?? Why or why not??

They have been together for 3 years, so would you trust the guy??

They are both 16.

They are planning on staying 2 weeks.

I know they have slept in each other's arms before. Will her friend and her friends b/f be off on there own the whole time??


They are getting a room at the ritz carlton, and their friends are getting their own room but at the same hotel.

Update 2:

Will she tell me what happened while they were there??

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    I am 16 years old myself, and I don't think you should trust her THAT much, lol.... take it from me, with what i know of teens my age, they won't be so innocent once they are that far away from home, so I don't think i would let them go.

    Source(s): my own knowledge!
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    Trust is not the issue here. Sensibility is. 2 16yos away from their parents in a hotel? I don't think so. Regardless of whether you trust her and trust him the temptations once there might be greater than either one can handle. Hormones are crazy at that age. Do you really think her friend would block her actions if she made a hasty or wrong decision?

    The 2 couples will probably stay together a lot of the time but there will be the times they will want to go their separate ways.

    From my point of view IF there were adults chaperoning, maybe, but teens alone. I would not want to put them in that situation. Maturity decision making at that age is dubious.

    Obviously you know the two better than we do. If you are convinced that everything would be on the up and up it would be the trip of a lifetime. . . but they are NOT adults and they have NOT faced adult issues and this is one time they might. Can they handle it is the question YOU have to answer.

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    I would not allow my daughter to travel alone with adult supervision at 16. Its not about the trust of my daughter or even the boyfriend.. its a matter of trusting other people. Honey, you've posted this question many times. What answer are you looking for that you havent gotten already? If this is a sibling you are worried about.. well, its not up to you its up the parents. If you are the parent.. I would say tell them your daughter no she is too young to travel on her own with or without friends.

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    Think of yourself when you were 16. then make whatever you did 10 times worse.

    Dont trust her that much. trusting your daughter is letting her go out for the night. come home late, maybe even stay one night with her boyfriend when your home or his parents are home.

    Two weeks alone with her boyfriend? somethings bound to happen. and no. she probably wont tell you if something happens.

    Source(s): im a 16 year old girl. all my friends are 16. Stuff happens.
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    Don't let her go. First off christmas time is family time. I'm 18 I remember what it was like at 16, even with a friend there your still going to have the opprotunity to have sex or do sexual acts. This would be a very unwise decision for you to make, even if she does get upset about it. Good Luck.

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    NO I wouldn't although I am not a chump! Look she may be very responsible but you know how teen guys are! Look I wouldn't allow anyone under twenty five to go with friends and boyfriends on a vacation where there wasn't some adult to watch them. A adult who could be trusted! That's just my opinion and I could be wrong but I think I am right! Bye.

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    i'm 16 also. i know what kind of stuff people my age do and i hate to say it but i wouldn't give your daughter that much freedom. even if she's going with a friend that doesn't mean she's gonna be completely safe and if she's been dating this guy 3 years its very possible that they would be realllyyy intimate while away from home. she's gonna be really mad and upset but it's in her best interest

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    I dont know. I know what i was doing when i was 16 and what other girls were doing. I mean, don't you remember what happened to that holloway girl that never came home and was abducted. 16 sounds a little young for such a responsibility. But, I dont know your daughter.

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    Hell No. Trust NO guy when it comes to your daughter. staying 2 weeks?? are you kidding. you're crazy. you can trust her but thats a little too much dont you think? my daughter better not ask me anything like that when she gets 16.


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    im 17 and my parents would never let me go even if they trust me

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