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Do you think doctors/nurses are sensitive to your modesty issues?

suppose you had to have your privates examined, and you wernt crazy about opposite sex health care workers examining you, do you think they would pick up on that , be sensitive to your needs, and use a same sex healthcare worker to do the job for you instead? or would they think that since it doesnt bother them it shouldnt bopther you? or do you feel that you have to scream to high heaven to get a different doctor/nurse?

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    They won't know you're uncomfortable unless you tell them. They have no reason to know that you're uncomfortable otherwise--they aren't psychic.

    Just tell the doctor that you don't feel comfortable with the nurse. If it is the doctor you have a problem with, find a new doctor.

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    You can request a same-sex doctor for a particular examination, but it's all a bit futile, because you aren't going to have a choice for hospital treatment or for nursing care. In hospital there's not really any such things as "private parts."

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    If you went to a male ob/gyn and he didnt have a female nurse in the room with him. You would think he would want to have a female nurse in the room with him to protect himself and you. I will say this I´m a male nurse and believe me I see women in the nude everyday HOWEVER they are senior citizens there is NO gratification there on my view point or do i get any excitement out of seeing older people nude. It comes with the career field I dont like putting foley catheters in women just because i dont want to be accused of abuse or anything of that nature.

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    I used to attend a church the position the Pastor preached up a pentecostal typhoon about dressing with modesty - even as his 17-y-o daughter stood there with a blouse so see-through she ought to besides have only been wearing her bra. this is not the in elementary words element some churches have forgotten ... I discovered with the help of journey there are finished congregations who do not FORGIVE !!! Like, it truly is the very foundation that any one's redemption is depending upon - yet we hit upon different maximum unforgiving persons of all .. warming seats in church a week of their lives. (Wasn't there a parable on the forgiven who do not forgive?)

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