i bit my tongue and it turned to a canker sore?

the other day i bit the tip of my tongue and it hurt really bad.. then this morning i woke up and saw that it turned into something like a canker sore, with the white part and everything. and now i cant eat or really talk without pain. also i usually lay on my side when i sleep, and after wakin up from a nap, it hurts really bad, what can i do?!!

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    if you get them often, you can ask your doctor for pills that prevent them....i take the pills & i havent gotten one since september. But if you dont wanna do that then applying a topical oral gel or paste (i recommend the paste) will give you some temporary relief. try Orabase paste from Colgate. good luck with that! i know what youre going through!

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    i get them all the time. when it is as bad as you mentioned i usually put a medication called kanka on it. it numbs the canker sore so you can eat a little better. as for listerine i have tried that and it doesn't seem to work on me. i have also tried the salt water gargle and it might work but hurts like you wouldn't believe. i hope you get better soon.

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    Sounds infected try rinsing your mouth with Listerine or a mixture of Peroxide and water. Directions should be on the bottle of Peroxide.

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    By gargling your mouth with salt water,

    the mouth ulcers will heal quickly.

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    1 decade ago

    gargle with salt water and it will heal faster

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