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Where can i watch ONE TREE HILL on or just tell me what happened?

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    well the guy who wasnt suppose win the championship did win so after the game daunte ran over the pregenent girl (at the end of the game peyton and lucas kissed) and right when that happens lucas gets a heat attack. So when lucas is in the hopital his "spirit" or whatever meets his dead dad. And his dead dad shows him what would of happend of he didn't do some of the things he did do. Well the pregnent girl is alright and she finds out that her baby is a boy! well i hope i helped!!

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    just type in one tree hill. if you want better results type in the episode number for example

    one tree hill episode 10

    you'll get the search results and a few people have posted the last few episodes in different parts. and their in good quality (i've watched them)

    hope this helps

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    you have to put one tree hill in the search engine and it might show up the OTH episodes that you are lookin for..

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    that website has lots of tv shows on it for free viewing...

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