Is it possible to combine broadcast HDTV and analog cable signals using a diplexer?

I have a new Sony HDTV that obviously has built-in tuners that can accept either regular NTSC or Hi-Def channels. But, like most TVs, it has only one RF coax input. I want to get my basic analog cable service and broadcast HDTV (via an antenna) into the TV through one cable. Can it be done? And are HDTVs smart enough to be able to switch between digital and analog channels on the same RF input? For example would the TV distignuish between the HD broadcast of CBS and the regular version on its own?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well the Sony TVs let you select Cable or Antenna, but not both at the same time....

    So you'll have Cable autoprogrammed in......

    Then you'll have to switch the tuner to "Antenna" reception and MANUALLY select the Over The Air (OTA) channels....

    That's the only way to get BOTH EASILY.....

    As for the diplexer (splitter) .... Yes you can use it, although some cable channels might be close to the OTA channel you may be watching.....You might want to use an antenna switch that can select either one separately....but what a pain having to get up, and throw the slide switch back and forth!!!

    Source(s): 24 years servicing TV sets, including Sony TVs.....
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    4 years ago

    Cable is unaffected by using the 2009 transition. the actually ingredient which will ensue is that any analog television transmission would ought to renounce. In rather a lot all situations, digital transmission will be substituted, for that you'll have a receiver. in case you want HDTV from cable, you ought to enroll of their digital provider. there is not any technical reason behind this, this is only the way they do agency.

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    1 decade ago

    good luck with that, you need to find out all the broadcast frequencies and compare with the cable channel frequencies. If any overlap, it will be untunable. I seriously doubt that you will find no overlapping channels.

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