woudl u marry a women who did not have custody of her kids?

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    Most certainly. Why would it matter if the woman had custody of her kids. I know personally that the family court system doesn't treat women or men equally when it come to custody of the children. That would be like saying you wouldn't date a man because of the same thing. Sometimes, we have things that are out of our control. As much as we would like to have our kids in our lives full time, the powers that be tend to view the situation differently than we would like. You can't necessarily hold that against people when you care for them. Now, there is an exception to this as well. If you chose not to have your kids, for whatever reason, that would be a little different. When your an adult and you have kids, you have a responsibility to them. You can't just push them aside because they complicate your life or hinder your lifestyle. That's just irresponsible and childish. Kids need both parents in their lives, and it's truly a shame when one of the parents doesn't want to have anything to do with them. So, the answer to your question would be that it depends on the circumstances surrounding you not having custody of your kids, not just you not having custody.

    And I do have to agree with Ginger to a point about the deadbeat dads that only have their kids on the weekends. That's not right. But, not all of us dad's fall into the catergory of deadbeat dad's. Some of us have been fighting for a long time to have custody, but, alas, some people are truly more worried about how much money they're going to receive from the other spouse more than the welfare of the children. Peace

    Source(s): Divorced dad that doesn't have custody of his kids through no fault of his own. Money is an evil thing.
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    I"m very sorry..but I have to take offense to this question. I'm sure you did not mean to offend but as a single mother who does have sole custody of her daughter and have since my divorce six years ago, I would ask you "should we marry a man who does not have custody of his kids"? WHY SHOULD THE MAN GET AWAY WITH A WEEKEND HERE OR THERE? Come on! Unless she doesn't have custody because she was deemed unfit then that shouldn't be an issue as to why you wouldn't marry her.

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    that is like asking would you marry a man who did not have custody of his kids. Custody does not mean she is not a great loving person, it just may mean he had better means to provide or someone else had better means to provide for them at the time the decision was made. I know lots of women who no longer have custody of their kids and they've been remarried and go on to have wonderful lives and even a few more kids with the new guy.

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    oh come on, now. Why would you ask that? Up until recently, most divorced fathers didn't have custody of their children--but they remarry all the time.

    What's the difference?

    That is falling into society's idea that women make better parents. Is this true?

    My daughter is 15 and lived with her father for 13yrs. We fought over custody for a year--I was "winning" until my attorney bagged out and moved, then I got some old geezer who wouldn't do a damn thing for me.

    I went on to remarry and have two more children. My daughter and I have a fantastic relationship, even tho she doesn't live with me. My two younger children are happy, healthy, terrific kids.

    Why wouldn't I be marrying material?

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    well, do you know why she doesn't have her kids? was she an unfit mother? there is alot of reasons to that so that would really have to be the judge of that.

    If she was unfit or just plain didn't want to be with them then my answer would be not only would I not marry her I wouldn't have a relationship with her at all.

    But maybe she was strong armed out of the ability to have custody, that has happened to alot of women when there ex husband has money or power in high places.

    How does she seem to be not having her kids live with her? is she devastated and sad or is she fine with it?

    You should have added more to the question in order to get a good answer.

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    I think a lot would depend on WHY she didn't have custody... but there's rarely a good reason, quite truthfully... even in this day and age. You need to decide what's important for you... and what your priorities are.

    If you are a person who never intends to have children or count on your female partner to nurture and raise them with you... then okay, whatever. If you think you might want to be a father someday then you need to look long and hard at the whole situation regarding her lack of custody.

    Best to you....

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    guess that would depend on why she didnt have custody, if she was unable to take care of them and had no choice to let them go somewhere else, then why not? if the kids were taken away for some reason like drugs abuse or child abuse, then i would have to think about it really hard before i made a decision

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    all depends on the situation that resolved her not having custody

    if she found in court but lost but still interacts with her kids and tries to be a good mother then i don't look at her as a bat person

    if she just gave up her kids because she didn't want to be bothered or was too lazy or anything then i wouldn't even look in her direction, have no use for something like that

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    Thats a tough one. I would want to know the circumstances behind it. If you love her and know she is a good woman, and you know what her reasons are, I don't see why not. Lots of men don't have custody of their kids and women don't seem to have a problem with it.

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    depending on the situation

    does she not have custody because she was deemed unfit? then no.

    does she not have custody because she gave up her rights? if she gave up her rights, then why? was she unable to provide for her children?

    if she did it for the good of the kids, i'm good with that, but if not.


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