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i want to know whether my weight is rite or not?

i am 22 yrz old . my height is 5'6" . and my weight is 70 kgs

i know i amm over weight but how much shd i reduce i mean wat is the ideal weight 4 my body ?

wud anybody telll


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    try this,

    losing 1-2lbs a week is healthy and you will keep the weight off. . .

    make sure you are really dedicated, ask a friend who you know wants to lose a little, it is easier to lose weight when you have a friend with you. . .

    also make sure you eat breakfast!

    some good breakfast ideas are

    -fruit and cereal

    -protein shakes

    -smoothies and fruit

    -granola bars and fruit

    -oatmeal and fruit

    -eggs(try not to use butter or oil use water to "grease" the pan)

    -veggie omlet

    ***make sure you eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, and make sure portion sizes are small enough to keep you full for a couple of hours

    mid morning snack- make sure you have a small snack within 2-3 hours after breakfast some ideas. . .

    -a piece of fruit

    -carrots,celeray with lowfat dip about 2tblsp



    *****this should be light just to hold you over until lunch*****

    lunch should be within 2-3 hrs after mid morning snack

    remember to keep it light and not heavy.

    -turkey on wheat with lowfat mayo and lettuce and tomatos + a piece of fruit or vegetable + granola bar + snack sized bag of baked chips

    -soup + salad, with low fat dressing + breadsticks

    *make sure portion sizes are decent, no overdoing it*

    mid-day snack is usually 2-3hrs after lunch

    -vegetables with lowfat dip


    -fruit with lowfat yogurt

    -cup of yogurt



    -snack size bag of chips that are baked or pretzels

    supper is 2-3 hrs after you eat your mid day snack

    -chicken (3-4oz) and pasta (3-4oz) with reduce sodium tomato sauce

    -soup + salad lowfat dressing + breadsticks

    -meat (3-4oz) + pasta or rice or potatos + fruit or vegetables

    **********PORTION SIZES ARE KEY***************

    it is also better to eat 5 times a day then to skip a meal, if you skip a meal the food you eat next stays on your body as fat, so keep eating 5 times a day that way your metabolism is always going.

    good luck

    also try cutting back on soda/pop if you drink alot of that and sugar, try not to eat any of that because it just adds empty calories

    also make sure you excersie at least 30 minutes a day and walk as much as possible

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