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where can i get Mederma ( a cream for acne scars) in Sydney, Australia?


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    drugstores.or get it imported.

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    Mederma Australia

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    First of all, Mederma® is not cream, it's a gel.

    Anyway, you can get it at Toys R Us & Paddy's Markets!! LOL!! Sorry! I need a good laugh today.

    You can get Mederma at for AU $5.

    Mederma® is available at all leading pharmacies in Australia and New Zealand. Mederma is available in two sizes, a 20g tube and 50g tube. The 20g tube is enough to last three months for a scar less than 3 inches. For Acne scars and stretch marks the 50g tube is recommended.


    The following pharmacy groups in Australia will always have stock of Mederma


    Terry White, My Chemist, Soul Pattinsons, Amcal, Pharmacy Direct, Oze pharmacy, Roy Youngs, Harrison's, Blooms and Fulllife pharmacies


    My Chemist, Pharmore, Australian Unity, Community, Khalouf and Terry White pharmacies


    Chemplus, My Chemist, Tomeo and Laslett, National and Terry White pharmacies


    Terry White, Malouf, Epharmacy, Blooms and Harrison's pharmacies


    777 pharmacies

    In case your local pharmacy does not stock Mederma®, ask them to make it available from their wholesalers or write an email to to find the location of the nearest pharmacy which does stock Mederma® or buy online here...

    For more info on Mederma® in Australia & New Zealand.......

    Remember, the packaging is not the same as the US Mederma®. The US one is more attractive!!

    Hope this helps!! GOOD LUCK!

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    5 years ago

    Natural Scar Removal Method

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    5 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    I just started yesterday and I got atleast two new moderate sized bits of acne ): not to mention my skin burns and always looks faded now I'm tempted to quit but I wasted so much money on it so I don't know but I mean if its result is counteracting its purpose [fade acne scars] then it sounds pretty stupid to keep using it

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