Ever have an absolutely horrible professor?

I don't want to get into to many details because I would hate for a specific professor to read this... but have you ever had to file a complaint against an unfair professor? I'm not talking about someone failing you because you deserved to fail or something like that I'm talking like just absurd behavior and extreme rudeness all the time. If you have ever filed a complaint or talked to a professors boss how did it end? I am not the only student who feels this way so if I needed to get other people to back me up I probably could.

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    1 decade ago
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    I have experienced many unfair professors (I am a high schooler but I visited Colgate Univ. and sat in a Quantum Physics and Analysis class). The professor sucked and their were only twevlve people in that class and as soon as it was over he looked up slamed his book and took off leaving the class with students who wanted to ask him some questons. I have had horrible teachers and because of them my gpa and class rank is killing me, i feel your pain.

    The best thing for you is tot alk to your consuleor and/or get a group of classmates who feel the same way and complain after all this is university and you are PAYING for your classes...good luck

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    One professor in particular was a terrible teacher.....in our schedule he only appeared on Thursdays. Unless we were REQUIRED by OUR schedules to be IN the area he taught in ... the place was deserted. Nobody spoke to him...nobody consulted him...nobody acknowledged his presence or gave him the time of day. Because of 'regulations' they couldn't fire him....but his influence on students became so insignificant that he might as well have not been there.

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