does anyone know how to get the ultimate weapon in KH2?


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    <Sora's Ultima Weapon>

    First of all, you need the Ultima Recipe. It's within the Mansion: Basement

    Corridor of Twilight Town. You get there at the later part of the game. If you

    still don't know where that is, it's the area JUST BEFORE the Pod Room(which

    got the Pod that Sora slept in).

    Once you have that, speak with a Moogle Shop for Item Synthesis. The items you

    need to make Ultima Weapon are:

    - 13 Orichalcums (You only need 7 in the end)

    - 1 Orichal

    - 1 Mythril Crystal

    - 1 Ravine Crystal

    - 1 Twilight Crystal

    - 7 Mystery Crystals (You only need 4 in the end)

    Where to get them:

    - Orichal: Item boxes in various Worlds, such as Twilight Town, The Land Of

    Dragons, 100 Acre Wood, Port Royal and The World That Never Was

    - Mythril Crystal: Item boxes in various Worlds, such as Twilight Town, Hollow

    Bastion/Radiant Garden, Agrabah, 100 Acre Wood, Pride Land,

    Halloween Town, Port Royal, Space Paranoids and The World

    That Never Was; Also, you can make it. First, Moogle must be

    at Level 8, then you can make Mythril Gem. When you make an

    Mythril Gem, put in a Mystery Gem to make it become Mythril


    - Ravine Crystal: Berserker drops this. Berserker shows up in Twilight Town(at

    later half of the game), Mysterious Tower and The World That

    Never Was

    - Twilight Crystal: Sorcerer drops this. Sorcerer shows up in The World That

    Never Was

    - Mystery Crystal: Berserker, Sorcerer and Samurai drop this. Berserker and

    Sorcerer I just mentioned above, for Samurai, he shows up in

    Mysterious Tower and The World That Never Was

    Lastly, for the 13 Orichalcums, well, that can't be done. There are just about

    seven of them in the game. Guess what? That's JUST ENOUGH. Here are where the

    7 Orichalcums are:

    - Clear Atlantica

    - Clear 100 Acre Wood

    - Item Box in The World That Never Was

    - The Brink Of Despair (by the second save point of this World)

    - Clear Goddess of Destiny Cup in the UnderWorld Tournament in Olympus Coliseum

    - Item Box in Twilight Town

    - Sunset Terrace (need to jump on the bar/train to spot it)

    - Item Box in Sapce Paranoids

    - Central Computer Area (before the fight with Sark and MCP)

    - A Collect List Bonus, you MUST obtain ALL kinds of materials to get this

    Once you got 7 Orichalcums, 1 Orichal, 1 Mythril Crystal, 1 Ravine Crystal, 1

    Twilight Crystal and 4 Mystery Crystals, when you try to make it, apply the

    Minagiru Kesshou(Suffusive Crystal). The Suffusive Crystal halve the materials

    you need.

    The Minagiru Kesshou(Suffusive Crystal) is dropped from Shaman in Pride Land

    and Book Master in Space Paranoids.

    And that's all you need. Once you made it, have the Ultima Weapon and Fenrir,

    for the best Dual Wielding!!!

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    First you need the ultimate recipe found Mansion: Basement Corridor in the underground computer area.

    You will need:

    Ultima Weapon: W S 13 7 Orichalcum+

    1 1 Orichalcum

    1 1 Mythril Crystal

    1 1 Dense Crystal

    1 1 Twilight Crystal

    7 4 Serenity Crystal

    [No upgrade]: - - - - NOT OPTIONAL

    Halve recipe: 1 1 Energy Crystal

    Double EXP: 1 1 Bright Crystal

    Source(s): search for ultimate weapon/recipe
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