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who's your favorite director? and why?

Whose style do you love? Which movie do you think showcases their talents best?

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    I like Oliver Stone because he's not afraid to take risks in what will or not be acceptable to the main stream. Examples - "Born on the Fourth of July" and "Natural Born Killers" I also like Robert Redford - I think he is much more talented as a director than an actor and should do more of it. He shows alot of depth in every aspect of the movie - the acting and dialogue, the scenery and the music score. Examples - "A River Runs Through It" and "The Horse Whisperer"

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    Spielberg is my favorite with Lucas a close 2nd.


    Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind


    Raiders of the Lost Ark Movies (Collaboration)

    Saving Private Ryan


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    Jon Wu...I think that is how you spell his name...but he has directed many Jet Li's Movies, The Transporter, Mission Impossible, Blade and basically all the bad@ss action movies...I enjoy his passion and dedication for the job and entertaining his audience...he never fails to create incredible, powerful, realistic, immense scenes. The graphics are mouth watering, blood curling, heart thumping...and on and on and on...I don't want to catch myself in a tongue twiste of mixed up words just love his movies...oh and have you seen "The Protector"?...I think this Asian,Indian, Chinese guy is probably the NEXT JET LI...!

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    Frank Darabont - The Shawshank Redemption (this movie has a beautiful screenplay, outstanding directing and incredible acting)

    Steven Spielberg - almost all of the movies he made

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    based on the amount of movies hes made and the fact that every one is brilliant, not to mention the fact that they have covered all different genres i would have to say Steven Spielberg

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    Pedro Almodovar ( no need to explain after you watch his latest movie: Volver).

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    werner herzog- so much love.

    stroszek is excellent, but they all are. fitzcarraldo, the enigma of kaspar hauser, even dwarves started small...

    all excellent

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    sergio lenone..he created spagetti westerns,and directed best trilogy ever with eastwood...the good,bad and ugly s awesome...

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    tim burton is my favorite and quentin tarantino is a close second

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