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Can anyone recommend some good spiritual books, I mean something I could apply to my life?

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    I'd have to recomend "Challenge Your Thoughts: Healing Mind, Spirit and Body with Truth" This book shows how to actually dismantle negative thinking, live in the Now and begin a healing process of silencing the mind. Great read!

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    That depends on what religion you want spiritual books on.

    Christian - Max Lucado is great or daily devotion books

    Morman - Watchtower books

    Pagan / Wicca - good luck with this one as it is an occult group and the books you will find on the subject are written by people who really dont know what they are talking about because they only have bits and pieces of the truth

    Scientology - just find a scientologist and they will give you a truckload for free probably

    buddist - the dala lama books are a great start

    Hindu - Not sure

    Honestly the public library is a great place to start. Or there are different book stores devoted to different religions. Also is a great place for books if you are in a country that has access.

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    Depends on what religion you are...I am Catholic so I would say the Catechism of the Catholic Church, reading the Bible, The Visions of the Children, and His Holiness (the biography of Pope John Paul II) and anything written by Pope John Paul the II...he was a very prolific writer and his writings are not so over the top that you won't understand them...they my opinion very readable. Another suggestion if you practice a certain religion is to as a priest, minister, rabbi, pastor or whoever what they would recommend. Happy reading...hope this helps.

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    W/o knowing where your life is at, this is a tad difficult.

    a) Inspiration - Max Lacado

    b) Inspiration - nothing about "end time" scenarios

    c) 8th Day of Creation - O'Conner, Confessions by Augustine, Catechism by Luther

    d) Bible explanations - Wm. Barclay series is a classic

    e) Biblical - Psalms, troubles - Job, the Gospels, Galatians,

    f) Your Best Life Now - Osteen is on the NY Best Sellers

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    The course in miracles is head and shoulders above any other spiritual text ever written.

    I have spent nearly 60 years reading the the various spiritual and scriptural works of the worlds religions and never saw anything that even came close.

    It is designed to help you achieve a close personal connection to God. It works.

    love and blessings Don

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    Mere Christianity by C. Lewis the guy that wrote the Chronicles of Narnia.

    AA the big book. Great stuff in there and nothing that would be wrong in most religions.

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    Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

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    I really enjoyed The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh.

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    If you're male, read "Wild At Heart" by John Eldridge.

    If you're Female, read "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldridge.

    Look them up on Amazon for a synopsis. They are both excellent!

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    HOLY BIBLE and try the Jesus Person Pocket Promise book

    also the end of days by Robertson is so good

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