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How do you think studying chemistry will help you in everyday life?

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    Chemistry is the unseen parts of the matter, if you could understand that tiny part you would have better understanding comparing to other people who only see the outer shell.

    Source(s): I am a chemical engineer
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    You can read and understand the ingredients in packaged food especially chinese packaged foods and check out which contains banned substances.

    It is a fact, some food additives will make you children hyperactive or worse.

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    That would depend on what you do with your life. It will not hinder you in any way.

    Also, you can come on YA and help everyone with their chemistry homework. LOL Sorry, just had to say that.

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    it can help you to understand how some things you might use really work, like how those magic erasers work to get stuff off so easily. and also understanding ingredients and preservatives. also perfumes are made from types of chemicals and so are flavorings and stuff like that.

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    Considering EVERYTHING around you (including yourself) is made of CHEMICALS it would be pretty damn useful!!!

    Understanding life, medicine, how a car works, gardening, pollution, waste, computers, cooking, ... on and on ....

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