What to do about this girl i like (I'm 20 years old, she's almost 19) we're in college .?

The semester is over, and we've only met on the bus and walking from the bus, so i may never see her again :(

I'm very shy, and she might have a boyfriend, so i'm very hessitant to ask her about her situation and ask her out. Before she mentioned the bf, i was about to ask her out.

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    OMG, that totally reminds me of someone I am talking to right now....I mean not that it could be us or anything...lol

    Dude go for it. if she said she was thinking about having a boyfriend throw her silly, but honest and direct lines at her like " well, babe you can't search no more for that special man, cuz here I am, ready for a hug!"...I dunno something sillly, yet so meaningful that it could melt a girl's heart...sigh..use your imagination...when you are in love you can be EXCUSED from all the silly, crazy, and super insane tricks or deeds you pull off...*wink*...always in the name of love or long friendship..

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    U say she mentioned her bf, then what chances do u have? But if u r never gonna meet again, then before u guys actually seperate ways, u can take the risk and tell her that u like her or if u want to be atleast friends with her, tell her that and get contact details so that u both can stay in touch.

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    With all the beautiful women on campus and you are locked into the fantasy of just one? Get out of the rut and have fun, this can be the best time in your life. Find out where a party is going to be tomorrow night and go and meet someone.

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    the next time you see her passing through, offer her to something to eat or drink and tell her that youre offerring because you always notice her on the bus and is interested in becoming friends.

    once friends, you can find out of she is taken. from there... you make a decision.

    goodluck. be yourself!

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  • 1 decade ago

    grow a set and go for it. ya never know until you try. be a man and ask her out.

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