Mac Lovers Vs. PC Lovers...?

Feud it out. What is a better system? Mac based or PC based? Why?

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    1 decade ago
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    flat out...i have used both systems since kindergarten and i am 17 right now...i have had my MacBook since August and the Linux/Unix based Mac OS system is the best thing that is out there...yes there are cons about the mac, but no right click is just stupid...hold the control button while clicking and boom, right click (FRICKEN DUH!!!)...

    Pro's (Mac's)

    -no viruses, spyware, malware, malicious files and programs, no phishing

    -easy interface, much more fun and easier to use with the Dock and Dashboard features of the new Mac's

    -wonderful layout and everything just works...preinstalled languages to fit any need and for the fact you can hook up almost anything and run it without software (cept for printers and whatnot, ya know)

    ---THE MAIN DEFINING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MAC AND PC...not many people know this, but there were over 120,000 viruses on a PC last year and not a single one on a Mac because of the different base OS that the Mac runs and because a virus on a Mac MUST BE MADE FROM A MAC...THE BIG DIFFERENCE IS that a PC simply asks whether you wish to download something or just does it for you...on a Mac, it can determine the difference between a PROGRAM and a FILE...a file is much more dangerous because it could be a virus file

    -no spyware blocker or popup blocker to worry about...the Mac's Safari web browser comes with all those features


    Con's (PC's)

    -viruses, viruses, viruses...i cannot stress that enough, my g/f's grandmother just got a completely upgraded Dell desktop, Pentium 4 HT, tons of RAM, 120 GB harddrive, wonderful processor, and the first time i used it, i had to restart it 5 times because it wouldn't respond...there is no such thing as CTRL-ALT-DELETE on a Mac

    -spyware, malware, phishing

    -constant non responding of programs if you ask a PC to do more than one thing

    -Internet Explorer is known to randomly shut down and restart, another thing i experienced with the Dell (mentioned above)

    and while Mac's are built for more of excitement and things like GarageBand and iMovie HD and iDVD, if you want the whole work experience on your Mac, simply install Microsoft Office, which has a better view on a Mac and works more efficiently, or get iWork '06, which i use that contains Pages (that does everything work does PLUS) and Keynote (which does everyting PowerPoint does PLUS)

    so whether you are the hardcore gamer, or the business man, the Mac just works for anyone and performs...simple as that, i dare anyone to challenge me with a Dell or some junk

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    If you don't want Windows on your PC, you can always use Linux. Just because Windows is the usual OS for PCs, it isn't the only one. So the position of the Mac OS being more stable does only refer to those PCs with Windows. On a PC you have other options.

  • 1 decade ago

    Have both but prefer the Mac. But need the PC for gaming.

    Love to watch my husband swear at the PC because of all the viruses it gets even with the firewalls and virus protects and all the things that Microsoft and Windows force him to circumvent and get their grubby paws into. Luckilly he's an IS geek and knows how to make it sit up and beg. I don't know how normal people would be able to work with the stupid thing as it's so user unfriendly.

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    5 years ago

    i will never go back to PC im mac all the way they are so great

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  • 1 decade ago

    pc are better specs but in along time alot people will probaly get macs i thi nk

  • Yoi_55
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    1 decade ago

    Mac is more stable, but Windows has more software and user friendliness.

  • 1 decade ago

    mac os x is much more stable then windows it is based off a linux shell..

  • 1 decade ago


    Mac- Few viruses made for it.

    Looks cooler.

    PC- Has right mouse button.

    Has files.


    Mac- No right mouse button.

    No files like "my documents"

    PC- Many, many viruses made for it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

    Do not be fooled by those who are basically extremists.

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