Do you have any Christmas gift ideas for someone who doesn't have extra money to spend?

My husband is without work and has been for about 6 months now and we don't have the extra $ to spend on family for Christmas. People have helped out with our kids' Christmas and I know our family won't mind not getting anything, but I'd still like to make something for them that isn't cheap looking. Any ideas?

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    Buying individual gifts is hard enough, but when you are financially challenged it is even harder. Think simple. How about a collage of family pictures, a landscape, their favorite animal. You could decoupage them on to a tray, a decorative board, something flat that glue and sealer will adhere to. If you don't want to use your only copy of a picture, have it copied, have it done in black and white that is a nice touch. After that, it is virtually cut and past, make sure the a adhered really well, then cover with a couple coats of decoupage medium. They are personal, and will last forever.

    When my kids were little, we use to do dough art. Simple receipe, 2c flour, 1c salt, 1c water. Mix flour & salt add 1/2 water, and gradually add water remaining. Cut in to shapes for (cookie cutters) or be creative, ornaments, don't forget to poke holes (straw is best) for hanging. Bake 325, 1-1-1/2 hours, may be longer, depending on how thick. Just make sure they are not soft. Cool them, paint, seal them. Great gifts, I still have them on my tree some are over 20 years old. You can also mount these on decorative plaques for hanging. If your artistic, make little animals, mushrooms, flowers, trees, boats, clowns, let your imagination run wild.

    How about mixing all the dry ingredients for you favorite cookie or quick bread receipe. Put all dry ingredients in a quart canning jar. Make little labels for what is inside, use some festive fabric, cut in a circle, approx 3/4-1" bigger than the lid, this is to cover the lid, fasten on with ribbon. Take the label, which you can either glue on to the jar or punch a hole in corner and tie with the ribbon you are using to put the fabric on. The label should contain the name of what's inside, what wet ingredients they need to add, and the temperature and length of time to bake. Just be creative, make them as fancy or as detailed as you'd like.

    I hope if nothing else this will help to inspire your imagination.

    Gifts from the heart, no matter how much money you have are the best to give and receive. Christmas isn't about how much you spend or what you can buy, it is about the love you feel and the love you give. Nothing says love more than something you created from love. I wish for you and your family many blessing this Christmas.

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    attempt making an investment in some thing like a pool table you will detect low fee used ones that's a recent the full relatives can take excitement in mutually which you're able to have for years the older babies can help the extra youthful babies study a thank you to play its exciting and would not have plenty fee after the preliminary purchase you additionally can do an air hockey table or another relatives sport dart board etc.. the dav and different agencies sell much less costly motorcycles and toys you could restoration up and supply the middle elderly babies you're able to do a secret santa the place everybody attracts a recognition and buys a recent for an further baby, placed a decrease on how plenty you could spend and help the sons and daughters purchase you save money by employing having the older babies spend their own money if that would not sound solid open up a saving bond for each and all of the youngsters that way your money can improve and that they could use it for college or in spite of they could like interior the destiny

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    Baked goods are always a nice gift and they don't have to be expensive. You could give an assortment of cookies or mini-sized loaves of quick breads like pumpkin, banana, etc. Also homemade caramels or marshmallows are nice b/c it's not something everyone would make. Also, believe it or not, the fudge recipe on the back of the marshmallow fluff jar is very tasty & also makes a nice gift. I had a great aunt who made that exact recipe for all her family gifts for years. Yum!

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    Cookies and fudge are great gifts. Also- anything baked -- like tea loaves (small loaves of bread or cakes)

    You can buy mugs at the Dollar store (nice Christmas or holiday mugs may be nice) and put some candy kisses and other holiday candies in them. Tie them up in a nice cellophane bag with a ribbon.

    You can also offer services- like house cleaning, babysitting or yard work.

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    1) If you have cd burner on your computer you could burn them some mix cds.

    2) You could make them candy.

    3) What about coupons for favors (like babysitting, car wash, etc...)--They may feel bad to redeem them so you might just say I am taking care of this on this date.

    It's nice of you to try and do something.

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    make a good food items and make some special toys

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