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Is it bad for my car to be driven 500km (294 miles) a week?

I know its a lame question but I'm really worried that my car is being "over driven." I use it to go to uni and my girlfriend's house and that. My parents also use it abit due to an agreement we made that they can use it abit if they also fill up the tank.

My car is over 10 years old but it's in excellent condition. Engine has perfect performance as well as the brakes. I can really say it's condition is as if it's only 3 years old. The previous owner took really good care of it. I just bought it this year.

So will driving it 500km (294 miles) a week do any harm to it in the long run? Will it make the engine performance reduce quickly? Will parts be worn out quicker?

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    It is not bad to drive many miles in a week. The biggest wear factor in any automobile is from the time you first start it until it warms up to operating temperatures.

    Wheel bearings, transmissions, engines, brakes, and all other moving parts generate heat when in use. This heat will solidify the lubricants and allow them to penetrate the bearings and journals in the vehicle.

    Short trips kill a vehicle much faster than long ones. Your highest mile vehicles may have much better components than one that belonged to a little old lady with lots of short trips.

    Another facet of vehicle deterioration is age. Rubber and vinyl seals tend to dry out when not used, also age is a consideration of longevity.

    Your 2 and 300 mile weeks will not shorten the life of the vehicle. It may shorten it in years, but not in service. I have driven the roads for nearly 45 years, all of them high mileage.

    Keep your oil changed and comply with other lubrication recommendations in your owners manual and enjoy your car.


    Source(s): GMI Automotive engineering
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    It won't hurt the car too much. A car can be driven too little. Your 500km is probably about right. It is important that the engine get warmed up regularly to enhance lubrication and drive out moisture. Your brakes might be worn a little quicker, but that also depends upon how it is driven.

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    If you are going to trade it in down the road or sell it, high mileage will decrease the value. However, as long as you keep up with the regular maintenance you'll be fine. If you don't have the manual for your car, you can go to and type in the type of car you drive the year and such, and it will give you an idea of the scheduled maintenance. I wouldn't worry so much. I know people who put way more miles than that on their car.

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    Check the oil at every gas fill up. Check coolant level regularly. And check your tire pressure at least once a month. Check brake fluid once a month. Your car will be fine.

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    No, that is not bad at all. Actually the opposite is the case. The worst for a car are short distances and being used in cities.

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    I would say no, it is not bad as long as you make sure that you follow all the recommended guidelines for preventative maintenance (i.e. oil changes, tune-ups, rotating and balancing tires). My friend has a truck that he put 84,000 miles on the first year he owned it and it still runs extremely well. He followed all recommended maintenance schedules.

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    Cars are built to be driven. Make sure you change the oil regularly, and address any mechanical concerns as soon as they arise. Leaving things unchecked leads to bigger problems.

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    as long as you services it regularly and dont put yuor foot to the floor all the way it will survive for as long as you have the money to run it.

    Obv the more miles you do the more parts will be worn - it is all relative to usage... so long term runnig costs will be higher.. but if you want it too last you gotta buy decent stuff to fix it ...


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    If you service the car regularly, keep it free of road salt and don't thrash it. Then the car will be fine.

    In fact, cars that undergo regular long journeys will last longer than cars that do regular short journeys.

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    wont bother it, granted some parts will wear faster merely because theyre being used more. like brakes,tires etc.but if it kept up, it wont bother it

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